Donald Trump Reveals Mike Pence’s Illegal Crimes

Former President Donald Trump recently told Fox News’ Bret Baier on Monday that the law was on his side and he had no worries about the 37 federal charges against him.



Baier blasted Trump about why he allegedly kept classified documents when he left the White House and confronted him with former Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks about his concerns.

“Your Vice President, Mike Pence says he is, quote, ‘deeply troubled by what’s in the indictment’ and he says, quote, ‘The indictment contains serious charges and I cannot defend what’s alleged.’”

Trump pushed back by blaming Pence for also retaining classified documents.

TRUMP: Mike Pence had documents that were classified.

BAIER: And he turned them over.

TRUMP: No, he didn’t turn them over. He got caught. His lawyers found some documents and then he turned them over. Why did he have them? He shouldn’t be saying that, because he had classified documents. And immediately they said, ‘ That’s OK.’ And I suppose it’s going to be OK with Biden, too, even though he has them in Chinatown? Even though he has them in Delaware and probably 100 times more than I have?

BAIER: So you are not worried about this case?

TRUMP: Based on the law?  Zero. Zero. Presidential Records Act plus the Clinton case — the Clinton case which was won by Clinton as president because he took he and hid them in his socks. Zero.


TRUMP: Zero. And every good lawyer has said it, and you have seen that. Every good lawyer has said that.

BAIER: Obviously there are others that push back.

TRUMP: This was a weaponization of politics. This was a weaponization of the White House. This was a horrible thing. A candidate that’s leading. I’m leading Biden by a lot. They go out and they weaponize. There is a horrible thing that was done.

Hours before the interview, a judge ruled in favor of federal prosecutors and barred Trump and co-defendant Walt Nauta from sharing anything about the classified documents case with the public. That means no talking about the case or posting to Truth Social, Trump’s preferred method of lashing out. In addition, Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered that neither Trump nor Nauta were allowed to keep copies of the discovery materials.

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