Donald Trump Reveals New Vice President In Video?

During his speech at the Lee County Lincoln Days Dinner, President Trump made a point to recognize General Michael Flynn, a long-time ally and former national security advisor to the Trump administration. Trump praised Flynn’s bravery and acknowledged the challenges he has faced in recent years, referring to the controversy surrounding Flynn’s involvement with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.



The President’s public endorsement of General Flynn has been a controversial topic, with some critics arguing that it undermines the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the election. However, Trump’s remarks at the dinner seemed to suggest that he has no reservations about continuing to support Flynn, who has been a loyal supporter of the President since the beginning of his campaign.

Later that evening, President Trump made a surprise visit to a local pizza shop, where he was met with cheers and excitement from the crowd. US Rep. Byron Donalds accompanied the President as he went around the restaurant, shaking hands and taking selfies with diners. Trump even bought pizza for everyone in the establishment, asking if anyone wanted a slice he hadn’t touched yet before taking a bite himself.

The impromptu stop was a testament to Trump’s populist appeal and his willingness to engage with ordinary Americans on a personal level. Despite his controversial reputation and polarizing politics, the President’s charm and charisma were on full display as he mingled with locals and enjoyed a slice of pizza.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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