Donald Trump Reveals Offensive Holocaust…

Donald Trump told Hugh Hewitt that there are now ‘October 7th deniers’ much like ‘Holocaust deniers’ who deny the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th happened.



During CNN’s live coverage of Trump’s trial, attorney and political pundit George Conway shared his perspective on the political implications of the hush money trial in New York. Conway argued that, contrary to expectations, the trial is actually benefiting Trump politically by diverting attention away from his rallies, where he tends to make controversial statements.

Conway pointed out that Trump’s absence from the spotlight has prevented him from making “crazy” remarks like those seen at his recent rally in New Jersey. He expressed his wish for continuous live coverage of Trump’s rallies, believing that it would showcase the former president’s erratic behavior to a wider audience.

In Conway’s view, the trial’s focus on legal proceedings rather than Trump’s public appearances is ultimately advantageous for him politically. He suggested that the trial serves as a shield against the negative publicity that often follows Trump’s rallies, thereby helping to maintain his political standing.

However, Conway acknowledged that this dynamic could shift if Trump is convicted. Despite the charges against him, Trump and his allies have dismissed them as politically motivated, arguing that they are intended to undermine his chances of winning the presidency again in the upcoming election.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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