Donald Trump Reveals Truth About Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is currently one of the most popular personalities in the world of MMA and UFC, largely thanks to his commentary skills and also his podcast. He recovered from the virus last year and since then spread a lot of misinformation about the virus, at least according to numerous doctors and various other people. A UFC girl also wanted Joe Rogan to pick her up previously.




Rogan previously opened up on the episodes of his podcast that featured Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. They were the most controversial ones. Eventually, Joe Rogan became a controversial figure due to him using the n-word and other racial slurs in the past. It led to him getting cancelled for a while and losing deals as well. Except for Spotify, who stood by him for the most part except for deleting several of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes.

Donald Trump posted an article about Joe Rogan endorsing him over Joe Biden in 2024 on Truth Social, and said, “Thank you Joe! I will do so great.’


Bleeding heart liberal’ Joe Rogan is so turned off by President Biden’s performance that he says he would rather vote for Trump in 2024.

Speaking on his podcast, Rogan said Biden is ‘mentally gone’ and that Americans now have to rely on his ‘sideshow of diversity’ administration to make the decisions.

He used the example of Sam Brinton – the non-binary, luggage-stealing energy department official – as an example.

‘I would vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden. Just cause I think with Biden, like he’s gone!

Like, you know, he’s gone. You’re gonna be relying on his cabinet. And I knew his cabinet would be this f*****g sideshow of diversity — which is exactly what it is.

‘That one person who stole all the women’s clothes. That Sam Brinton. That’s a diversity hire.

‘Look at this, a man who dresses like a woman, but has a beard and wears lipstick, you look and say “this is perfect for us.

‘I don’t give a f*** what this guy’s good at or bad at, I don’t give a f*** what their credentials are, this makes us look like we’re inclusive.

‘This makes us look like we’re on the right side.”

‘You can’t have those kind of people running a Ben & Jerry’s. You certainly can’t have those kind of people running the most powerful government the world has ever known. It’s nonsense,’ Rogan fumed.

British comedian Russel Brand, who was his guest, added: ‘I feel sometimes that Joe Biden is the perfect president for the time.

‘Cause he’s like the perfect metaphor of what it is. This system is over.

‘And for all of the talk of diversity, what have you got? You’ve got a career politician, white male that’s falling apart before your very eyes.

‘It’s telling you that it’s bulls**t.’

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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