Donald Trump Reveals Worst Fox News Host

According to Mediate, former President Donald Trump recently expressed his dissatisfaction with Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy during an interview with The National File’s Raheem Kassam. Trump criticized Doocy, suggesting that he has been “hurting the show.”



The discussion revolved around Fox News’ coverage of Trump during the 2016 election, with Trump acknowledging the overall quality of the network’s anchors. He praised several hosts, including Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld, Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Will Cain, and Brian Kilmeade. However, Trump singled out Steve Doocy, stating that he has been “terrible” and opining that Doocy’s performance has negatively impacted the show.

Kassam asked Trump if Doocy had ever been good, to which Trump responded with a mix of personal history and recent observations. Trump noted that Doocy had been friendly to him for years, dating back to 2016 when Trump won the New Hampshire primary. However, he mentioned that Doocy’s demeanor had changed over the past year, describing him as “not nice like he should be.” Trump acknowledged his loyalty to people and mentioned that Brian Kilmeade had been performing well.

When asked if he still watches Fox & Friends, Trump confirmed that he continues to watch the show.

Steve Doocy has indeed made critical comments about Trump in recent days, including questioning Trump’s refusal to participate in Republican primary debates and discussing Trump’s indictment for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Brian Kilmeade has come to Trump’s defense in these instances.

This exchange highlights the dynamic between former President Trump and media figures, including those on Fox News, as well as the ongoing scrutiny of Trump’s actions and statements since leaving office.

Jesse’s [Watters] been great, Greg’s been great, Greg Gutfeld has been, I mean, look at what he’s done, right?” continued Trump. “They’ve all been, they’ve all been good. You look on Saturday, it’s fantastic with with Pete Hegseth and Rachel [Campos-Duffy] and Will [Cain]. And so we get a lot of, you know, good support. And lately, Brian Kilmeade’s been great, but Steve Doocy’s been terrible. I mean, to me he’s been just terrible. I think he’s hurting the show.”

“Has he ever been good?” inquired Kassam.

Trump replied:

Ainsley’s [Earhardt] good, yeah. But no, I don’t know. You know, Steve Doocy’s interesting because he’s always been so nice to me for years, for years going back to 2016. In fact, when I won New Hampshire in 2016, that was a big deal. And they had every news anchor wanting to interview. I let him do it and he did it, and he wasn’t even really the appropriate one to do it. But I you know, I am loyal to people and I had a great relationship with him. But I would say over the last year, I don’t know. He just seems to be not nice like he should be, maybe and maybe I’m wrong about that. But even this morning, Brian Kilmeade was actually very good. He’s actually changed.

“You still watch it a lot, though?” asked Kassam.

“I watch it, yeah I watch it,” answered Trump.

He knew that he had lost because he was told by a bunch of people, ‘You’ve lost, Mr. President.’ But he kept repeating the lie, and these conspiracy charges were about, are about how the people around him, six co-conspirators, figured ways to keep that lie going

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