Donald Trump Sad Message To Elon Musk Leaks

The former President of The United States Donald Trump seemingly sent a message to Twitter boss Elon Musk. Trump had been banned from Twitter and since then he had been using Truth Social. Recently, Musk asked users if Trump should be unbanned on Twitter. He also ran a poll asking users about the same. In the poll, nearly 15 million Twitter users voted to bring Trump back on the platform. Later, Musk confirmed through a tweet that Trump would be reinstated. Now, Donald Trump’s Twitter account is back. However, the former US President hasn’t tweeted anything yet.



Donal Trump is happy to use Truth Social despite Twitter unban

Trump recently responded to a fan who asked if Trump would use Twitter:

“The only way Twitter can be saved is if @realDonaldTrump starts using it and I don’t see it happening

Trump and Elon are 2 great businessmen how about they work something out”

Trump wrote:

Many people are saying that, but Truth Social is GREAT!

Donald Trump spoke to OAN’s Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Ron about the release of the “Twitter Files” on Wednesday, and the FBI paying Twitter.

“Well, I’d characterize it as terrible. Yeah, $3.7 million or something like that, and possibly a lot more, because that’s only what they have right now,” Trump stated.

“I’m just telling you, the country can’t believe what they’re seeing. And Elon Musk did a big service when he released all of this stuff. Because our country is corrupt.

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Musk confirmed Tuesday evening he will step down as the company’s CEO, but only when he identifies a successor, directly addressing for the first time a Twitter poll he created this week in which millions of users voted for his ouster. In a tweet, Musk said he would resign “as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job!”

He added that following his resignation as CEO, Musk would “run the software & servers teams” at Twitter, indicating he may continue to exercise significant influence on the company’s decision-making.

The announcement comes after more than a day of silence about the poll following its outcome. On Monday, after more than 17 million users had voted — 57.5% of whom said Musk should resign — the billionaire executive addressed the results only indirectly. He suggested that future Twitter polls could be restricted to paid users of Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription service.

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