Donald Trump Sadly Attacks Teen Transgenders

Former President Donald Trump recently delivered a high-spirited Presidents Day speech to a group of his supporters just minutes away from Mar-a-Lago. It has been noted that the event was hosted by Club 45 USA, which is a corporation started by his supporters for Trump’s reelection campaign.



Donald Trump sends a message

Ahead of the speech, the group announced they would be changing the name of the club to “Club 47 USA.” The group of supporters started lining up hours before his speech. Lines wrapped around the corners surrounding the Hilton Hotel near the airport and the club eventually had to close the doors for the hundreds of other supporters who were in line to attend Trump’s speech.

The huge crowd witnessed what Trump had to say from outside the Hilton ballroom and cheered throughout the speech. Trump’s speech touched on multiple issues including transgender athletes, his potential presidential race opponents and election integrity.

“We will keep men the hell out of women’s sports,” Trump said.

During Trump’s speech, he took shots at Gov. Ron DeSantis and his recent crowd sizes, again referring to the Florida governor by “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Trump further touted that he received more votes than DeSantis in Florida and took the opportunity to comment on election integrity.

“Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had one day voting … I think every Republican governor should be demanding that right now … All paper ballots, voter ID,” he added.

Inside the venue, there was a cash bar that served beer, wine, and cocktails. Trump was also selling his book. Donald Trump Jr. showed up hours early to take photos and sign copies of his father’s book. The crowd was mostly wearing red, white, and blue with hundreds of attendees also wearing Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hats.

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