Donald Trump Sadly Threatens Children Of Hispanics

Former President Donald Trump recently detailed his southern border and immigration policy platforms in great detail Saturday night. It included laying out a vision to end “automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens,” resurrecting all “incredibly successful border policies” from his first term, and moving “massive portions” of federal law enforcement into immigration enforcement. 



Speaking at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to a Majority Conference in Washington, DC, Trump went into his border and immigration plans in great detail. He first blasted automatic citizenship as “so unfair for our country” and vowed to end it on his first day in office, if elected.

“I’ve already announced that I will sign on day one an executive order ending automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. You have to do it. We’re the only country in the world that does it,” he said.

Trump added he would reinstate his previous administration’s border policies, including Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Agreement, and asylum bans, while also finishing the southern border wall. Moreover, Trump envisions reinstating “the prosecution policy which saw a record number of prosecutions of illegal aliens who had to leave the country.”

“Sometimes they were so evil, so bad, that we put them in prisons in our own country because they have a tendency to come back,” Trump added, before later promoting legal immigration.

“We want people to come into our country, but we want them to come into our country legally,” he explained.

Moreover, he stated he would reinstate the public health authority Title 42 — which the Biden administration allowed to expire in May — “based on all of the diseases that illegal aliens are bringing,” calling it “unbelievable.”

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Barry Russell
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