Donald Trump ‘Severe Mental Decline’ Revealed?

An expert has cautioned that although Joe Biden’s “cognitive failure” may cause him to refuse to cede power in the US, Donald Trump’s mental decline is more severe.



Following an examination of Biden’s holding of confidential materials, the prosecutor voiced grave worries regarding the President’s decline in cognitive function.

Even if Biden were not in office, Special Counsel Robert Hur predicted that a jury would view him as a well-meaning but elderly man with short memory and that he would not be charged.

Concerns have been expressed over Biden’s capacity to lead the most powerful nation in the world as a result of his remarks.

However, an expert claims that Trump’s mistakes—like confusing Nikki Haley for Nancy Pelosi—have demonstrated that his mental decline is “more apparent” than Biden’s.

Paul Quirk, a political science professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, told Newsweek: “The legitimate concern about Biden’s age is that by the end of a second term, he would be almost five years older than he is now.

“There is obvious potential for serious cognitive failure by then. And if it occurred, the real danger is that Biden would fail to recognize it, and refuse to let his vice president take over.

“From the standpoint of the campaign, Biden’s age should be less of an issue than Trump’s more apparent cognitive decline – displayed in slurred speech and gross, repeated errors in one campaign rally after another.”

It has been noted that both Trump and Biden have tried to downplay their apparent cognitive issues, with Trump even saying in January that he took a mental fitness test and “aced it.”

And while Biden has also dismissed the concerns, Mr Quirk believes many Democrats want him to step aside.

However, the expert added that it is likely too late to replace Biden as the Democratic Party nominee for the upcoming election.

He added: “Many or even most senior Democrats might prefer that he step aside. But they don’t have mechanisms for discussing the matter in confidence, arriving at a collective decision, and imposing it on Biden, other party members, and primary voters,”

At this stage, we have seen no clear evidence that Biden has had enough cognitive decline to compromise his performance as president.

“He has been, if anything, surprisingly effective in policy terms. The Special Counsel’s report that called attention to Biden’s ‘memory problems’ has been widely disparaged as a partisan hit job.

“Who remembers what they did with various old documents several years later? Nor have there been rumors about White House staff or congressional leaders worrying that Biden was not up to the job,”

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