Donald Trump Tells ‘Black People’ They Are…

Former President Donald Trump talked about increasing support from the Black, Hispanic and youth communities in an interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity via Real Clear Politics.



Sean Hannity asked Trump about the demographics he mentioned about African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and young people.

Trump said: We had 107,000 people, it’s the biggest crowd they’ve ever had in New Jersey, nobody has never seen anything like it. But Black people, African-American people are screaming toward us”

Hannity then asked “What do you think happened?” to which Trump said: Because they had the best economy, best job numbers and best everything during my presidency. Also I’ve funded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I funded them. They were coming to Washington every year, the presidents every single year they were coming to Washington looking for money. And I became friendly with a lot of them, they run the black colleges and universities and they would ask and I took care of them.

He added:

“I gave them long-term financing and much more money than they wanted. And they really like me, I will tell you, they really like me, no Democrat did that. When you look at the things that I did, criminal justice reform, I got criminal justice reform, Obama couldn’t get it, nobody could get it. I’ve done more for black people than anybody since Abraham Lincoln. And they understand it, they really do and they have the best job numbers they’ve ever had. They had the best job numbers they’ve ever had during the Trump administration.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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