Donald Trump To Get His Child Arrested?

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace recently led a panel discussion on Thursday. It was regarding New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case against the former President Donald Trump and some of his adult children via Media Ite. It was alleged that they committed fraud by inflating the Trump Organization’s assets by billions of dollars since 2011. James is asking a judge to make a partial summary judgment in the case before it goes to trial in October.



Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are executive vice presidents at the company.

It is noted that Wallace began the conversation by reading from the transcript from Trump’s deposition in the case, which was made public Wednesday as James pushed for the summary judgment. Wallace then asked author David Cay Johnston, “What he’s getting at in this section, David Cay, is essentially throwing his sons under the bus. Talk about the family dynamic and the risks to the Trump kids.”

“Well, the Donald put this in an eyes wide open blind trust and he asserted he could run his companies and be president and there’d be no conflicts of interest, which is absurd. What he’s doing is what he always does. He’s trying to shift responsibility onto other people,” Johnston began, adding:

“And Donald won’t have any problem shifting responsibility onto his sons, who he has told others he thinks are idiots. He doesn’t say that in public, doesn’t say that to audiences. But he said to many people that he doesn’t have much regard for the judgment of his two older sons. Well, I’m talking about the adult sons here.”

“Donny, there’s so much to say. I don’t have the kind of expertise to analyze it from a psychological perspective,” Wallace continued with a big smile.

“I mean, the inverse is also true. He says highly inappropriate, sexualized things about the physical attractiveness of his adult daughter, Ivanka. But let’s stick with the boys. What do you make of their very real exposure here because of the kinds of things that Trump says about their role and to what David Cay is saying about their incompetence?” she then asked commentator Donny Deutsch.

“Look, just a little additional peek inside of Donald Trump’s humanity, if we haven’t had enough, I think anybody, any of us who are parents, at the end of the day, you throw yourself in front of a bus for your kids and Donald is the opposite,” Deutsch replied, adding:

“And anybody you talk to that knows Donald will say the same thing. He would throw his kids under the bus. The question is, Ivanka, does she live in a different space? She lives in an entirely weird, different space, as you’ve mentioned. But this is a guy that would not put his children in front of him.”

James’s lawsuit against Trump seeks $250 million in damages and bar him and his adult children from serving as an officer or director of a business registered in New York. Ivanka Trump was dismissed from the fraud case in June.

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