Donald Trump Told Big Name He Cheated On Wife

According to the Independent, former People magazine staff writer, Natasha Stoynoff, appeared in court to testify against former President Donald Trump in a civil rape and defamation trial. Stoynoff alleged that Trump sexually assaulted her in 2005 during an assignment to cover his first wedding anniversary at Mar-a-Lago. She recounted how Trump led her to a room at his Palm Beach club, pinned her against a wall, and forcibly kissed her.



The encounter lasted a few minutes and ended when a butler entered the room, prompting Stoynoff to signal for help. As they rejoined Melania, Trump reportedly told her, “You know we’re going to have an affair,” referencing his second wife Marla Maples’ statement about their sexual relationship.

“I hear the door shut behind me, by the time I turn around he has his hands on my shoulder, pushing me up against the wall and he starts kissing me

Stoynoff, emotionally shaken, explained that she was in shock and unable to respond when Trump made the remark. Despite her distress, she tried to pretend the incident never occurred and continued with the interviews. However, she did confide in her former journalism professor and newsroom supervisor at People. Still, she refrained from reporting it to higher-ups to avoid causing trouble for the magazine.

You know we’re going to have an affair. Don’t forget what (his second wife Marla Maples) said, ‘best sex I ever had’.”

In October 2016, after the release of the Access Hollywood tape where Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women, Stoynoff decided to go public with her story. The tape deeply disturbed her, and during a presidential debate, she felt sickened as Trump denied ever forcibly kissing a woman without consent. Stoynoff sought to share her firsthand account to expose his lies to the American people. She expressed regret for not speaking out earlier, fearing that other women may have suffered due to Trump’s actions.

During the trial, Trump’s attorneys played a clip of him denying the allegations at a campaign rally and disparaging Stoynoff. When asked about her understanding of his remarks, Stoynoff believed that he meant she was unattractive. She further testified that while she had interviewed Trump multiple times before the incident, he had never forced himself on her prior to the Mar-a-Lago encounter.

The defense team confirmed that they would not be calling any witnesses, and Trump would not testify in his own defense. The trial will continue with the conclusion of Carroll’s case, followed by closing arguments and jury deliberation.

E. Jean Carroll, the plaintiff in the case, seeks damages for defamation and battery, claiming that her reputation was tarnished when Trump dismissed her allegations as a “con job.” Trump, in response, vehemently denies the rape accusation. That said, Donald Trump also dropped a huge JFK assassination bombshell recently. 

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