Donald Trump Tries To Get Supporters In Iowa Killed?

Former President Donald Trump recently made an odd, last-minute plea to his supporters ahead of Monday’s Iowa caucus via Mediaite.



It has been noted that speaking at a rally in Indianola, IA on Sunday, the former president urged his fans to caucus at all costs.

“You can’t sit home!” Trump said. “If you’re sick as a dog, you say, ‘darling…’ Even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it.”

The former president made a remark that drew a laugh from the crowd and a smile from him. Trump is trying to avoid voter apathy, especially since the latest polls show him winning the Hawkeye state by up to 30 points. The temperature is expected to drop below zero on Monday, with wind chills potentially falling to -45, which could be another potential factor in caucus turnout. Trump also mentioned the brutal forecast.

“So you be safe, you’re going to be safe,” Trump said. “And it’s going to be all indoors. But you got to get up!”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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