Donald Trump Uses Nazi Rhetoric To Threaten…

On Monday morning, Joe Scarborough and Jon Meacham, co-hosts of “Morning Joe,” expressed alarm over former President Donald Trump’s recent campaign rhetoric, likening it to the language used by fascist rulers of the 1930s and “the Third Reich.” The discussion was prompted by Trump’s Veterans Day pledge, which included a commitment to rooting out “Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs” in the United States.



During the show, clips of Trump’s remarks were played, showcasing what Scarborough referred to as “unhinged rants.” The co-hosts highlighted Trump’s language, particularly his characterization of political opponents as “vermin” and his pledge to destroy those he considers a threat to America.

In response to Trump’s rhetoric, Scarborough remarked, “I think he should probably give some pay some royalties to Mussolini’s family trust because when he starts talking about rooting out communists, Marxists, radical left, vermin, destroying the country, it is it in the letter he’s lifting it from Mussolini and other fascists from the past.”

Meacham chimed in, drawing a parallel with the language used by the Third Reich in the 1930s. Scarborough pushed back against the idea that referencing the 1930s was a “fraught enterprise,” stating that Trump’s actions and rhetoric provided sufficient grounds for such comparisons.

The co-hosts expressed concern over Trump’s praise for violence, including endorsing violence against political figures and praising dictators. Meacham, expressing his unease, emphasized the dangers of dehumanizing political opponents, likening it to opening the door to heinous crimes.

Meacham then made a plea to Republicans, urging them to reconsider their support for Trump. He urged them to reflect on the potential threat posed by the former president’s ambitions to American democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

The segment concluded with Scarborough reading a New York Times column by Carlos Lozada that criticized Trump for openly running on a pro-authoritarian agenda. The discussion on “Morning Joe” reflects ongoing concerns about the impact of political rhetoric on the state of democracy and civil discourse in the United States.

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