Donald Trump Video ‘Without Makeup’ Revealed

According to Newsweek, during Donald Trump’s presidency, his appearance garnered almost as much attention as his policies, fueling ongoing speculation about fake tans, makeup, and hair transplants. As the business mogul dominates the 2024 Republican primaries, a recent video shared by Team Trump on the official X account reveals the 77-year-old without his signature golden glow, sparking a social media frenzy.



In the footage, Trump criticizes Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for endorsing his primary rival, Ron DeSantis, leading to a significant shift in Reynolds’ popularity. However, what captivates viewers is not Trump’s words but his apparent physical transformation, notably lacking the familiar tan and makeup.

Social media users quickly react, with comments ranging from observations that “Trump forgot to put on his makeup today” to speculations that he may have opted for a subtler look, cutting back on his trademark orange appearance. Some attribute the change to Trump growing tired of being associated with the “orange t***” moniker. However, not all responses are positive, with some users remarking that Trump looks “old and tired,” suggesting that the pressures of court cases and a presidential campaign might be taking a toll on him.

Trump’s appearance has long been a subject of debate, beginning with his 2016 presidential run when Meryl Streep even dressed up as him for Halloween. Throughout his presidency, Trump consistently denied using tanning lotion or sunbeds, dismissing claims of a 2020 fake tan mishap as photoshopped. In September, a former White House aide suggested that Trump’s reluctance to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic was due to concerns about smudging his makeup, leaving an N95 mask “covered in bronzer.”

This recent video is not the first time Trump has sparked similar attention. A photograph from July 2022, showing the former president playing golf with what appeared to be a bare face, went viral, leaving some social media users struggling to recognize him. As Trump continues to be a prominent figure in politics, his appearance remains a topic of public fascination and discussion. Newsweek has reached out to Donald Trump for comment via email.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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