Donald Trump Wins Massive Election Battle In Court

Donald Trump may have some positive news by his side after things had gone against him in the last couple of days. The former president received support from Michigan Supreme Court as it rejected the attempt that requested for removing Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot.



This comes after Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling a couple of days ago that had disqualified the former president from the ballot. Donald Trump would have found himself in some trouble if the attempt to remove him from the ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment would have been accepted. The section bans insurrectionists from holding public office.

Mediaite reports that CNN’s Katelyn Polantz broke down the ruling and told that the court decided to rule in Trump’s favor after the lower courts had already decided in the former president’s side. She said, “That is essentially them saying we are not touching it. What happened so far stands, and thus, Trump is going to remain on the ballot in the state of Michigan.”

Katelyn Polantz also noted that Michigan doesn’t have qualifying laws which would require any candidate to be legally able to run before they can appear on the ballot. It means that Trump still has a chance to run for the President position and the ballot ban for Trump would be addressed by the Supreme Court.

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