Donald Trump’s Female Attorney Begs For Help

In the aftermath of the fraud trial brought forth by Attorney General Letitia James and presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, former President Donald Trump and his attorney, Alina Habba, took center stage in a press conference at 40 Wall Street. Alina Habba’s spirited speech set the tone for a raucous and contentious post-trial event.



The Trial’s Controversial Background

The trial had been a source of significant controversy long before its conclusion. Trump and Habba consistently framed it as an injustice, with much of the case seemingly decided even before it began. In her opening remarks, Habba wasted no time in expressing her outrage regarding what she perceived as an unfair trial.

Trump’s Allegations of Injustice

Before delving into the details of Habba’s speech, it’s essential to understand Trump’s perspective. He had argued vehemently that the case against him was baseless. According to him, it was evident that the trial was biased against him from the outset, notably with the motion for summary judgment.

Trump firmly believed that there wasn’t a single piece of evidence or a shred of documentation presented during the trial that proved his involvement in any fraudulent activities. The trial centered around Section 6312, a consumer fraud statute, which he felt was being misused against him, innocent defendants, the Trump Organization, and its employees.

The Significance of Trump’s Properties

One of the central points of Habba’s speech revolved around the significance of Trump’s real estate properties. She argued passionately that these properties were iconic and had single-handedly transformed the New York skyline, including the very building where the press conference was being held – 40 Wall Street. Habba emphasized that real estate was an art, not a science, and her client, Donald Trump, was a master of this art.

Habba’s assertion that the Trump Organization had done nothing wrong and that it had been unfairly targeted resonated with Trump supporters. She painted a picture of political motivation behind the trial, suggesting that it was an attempt to discredit Trump due to an inability to defeat him in the polls.

The Art of Politics

Continuing her impassioned address, Habba delved into the realm of politics. She pointed out that, like real estate, politics was an art, not a science. In her view, the allegations against Trump were politically motivated, an attempt to tarnish his reputation because his opponents couldn’t defeat him through democratic means.

Habba asserted that Attorney General Letitia James had pursued the case against Trump to gain a political advantage, implying that it was a strategic move to bolster her own career. She argued that the trial’s duration, spanning eleven weeks and three years of investigation, had only served to vindicate Trump.

A Plea for Justice

In the closing moments of her speech, Habba called for a collective awakening. She urged America to recognize what she believed was a grave injustice against her client, Donald Trump, and the Trump Organization. According to her, the children of Trump, like other defendants, had been unfairly dragged into the legal battle.

Habba passionately implored the nation to step up and acknowledge that Trump had committed no wrongdoing. In her view, only one person could lead the way forward – her client, Donald Trump. She concluded her fiery speech by declaring that America needed Trump, President Trump, now more than ever.


Alina Habba’s energetic and impassioned opening act at 40 Wall Street set the stage for a contentious post-trial press conference. Her speech highlighted the Trump camp’s view of the trial as an injustice driven by political motivations, and she passionately defended Trump’s real estate legacy and reputation. The future remains uncertain for Trump, but his attorney, Alina Habba, made it clear that they would not go down without a fight.

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Michael Joseph
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