Dr. Phil Melts Down Defending Trump On CNN

During a recent interview on CNN’s NewsNight, Abby Phillip challenged Dr. Phil McGraw’s defense of former President Donald Trump regarding his conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial. McGraw attempted to argue that a violation of “black-letter law” invalidated the testimony that contributed to Trump’s conviction.



Phillip questioned McGraw about why he believed Trump wasn’t given a fair process, citing the presence of a judge and reporters in the courtroom. McGraw responded by suggesting that the jury heard prejudicial information that was not relevant to the case at hand. He specifically referenced the inclusion of testimony from individuals who had made non-prosecution agreements or plea deals, arguing that this information unfairly influenced the jury.

Phillip countered McGraw’s argument by explaining that it is not uncommon for accomplices or individuals who have made plea deals to testify in trials. She cited examples from prosecutions of organized crime cases where such testimony is relied upon to convict higher-level individuals in criminal organizations.

McGraw insisted that such practices were not typical and requested examples to support Phillip’s argument. Phillip responded by highlighting the common occurrence of such testimony in mob cases and challenged McGraw’s assertion that individuals like Michael Cohen should not have been allowed to testify in Trump’s case.

In response, McGraw maintained his position, suggesting that Cohen’s agreement to plead guilty to a crime prejudiced the jury against Trump. Phillip then clarified that Cohen was not charged with the same crime as Trump, further undermining McGraw’s argument.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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