Dr. Wrestling:What Happened to Matt Hardy?

Just when the bizarre story of the Hardys seemed that it couldn’t get any more bizarre, Matt Hardy posted a very cryptic video on YouTube that appeared to be a suicide note, which caused quite a stir on the web. The video has since been deleted and Hardy has back peddled to claim the fake suicide note was to let people know he was undergoing a “genesis” to the old Matt Hardy. In reality, these cryptic messages were probably a lame attempt to create publicity, which is completely ridiculous. Hardy’s excuse for a “genesis” is damage control because instead of creating publicity, he basically added to the perception that he is too erratic to wrestle. Add this stunt to Hardy’s DUI arrest and subsequent release from TNA, it seems quite possible that he won’t resurface in a major wrestling company again. How many times has Matt Hardy claimed there would be a “new” Matt Hardy? A better question is what wrestling promotion would take the risk to sign him?



The main purpose of this column is to attempt to establish where things exactly went down hill for Matt Hardy? Nearly six years ago he was the talk of the wrestling world and when he resigned with WWE, it was major wrestling news. Matt Hardy probably blames the WWE for the down fall if his career, but I don’t know how valid that statement is considering that Matt seems to have someone to blame for almost everything in his career, During the latter part of his WWE run, Matt’s constant complaint was that he wasn’t given the chance to be a main event competitor, but it seems like if he would have signed with TNA six years ago instead of the WWE, he might have actually wrestled in the main event of a PPV. What it comes down to here is, what caused Hardy to be released from the WWE is the same thing that caused him to be released from TNA and that is his erratic behavior.

What’s really disappointing about all this is that Hardy had an underground type following throughout his career, but he’s tarnished his career, which included a run as part of one of the most popular tag teams in history. Was Hardy a talented performer? Without a doubt. Should he be anywhere near  wrestling ring? Absolutely not. Who knows what’s next for Matt, but perhaps that one thing that is certain about all this is that Matt Hardy has no credibility after this ridiculous publicity stunt.

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