Drew Gulak files for curious trademark

Prior to joining WWE, former Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak made a mark in EVOLVE wit Catch Point. Along with TJP and Matt Riddle, Gulak was a part of a group of catch as catch can grapplers known as Catch Point.



Between 2015 and 2018, the group was focused solely on bringing back old school wrestling fundamentals, a goal Gulak has maintained throughout his WWE tenure. At EVOLVE 10 over the summer, Gulak and Riddle faced off in a Catch Point reunion match.

Well, it looks like Gulak may be bringing the group to the WWE. The Philadelphia Stretcher filed for the trademark, “Catchpoint Incorporated on December 27th.

Back in November 2016, Gulak signed a three-year deal, but it was rumored that he and several other top cruiserweights would be moved to five-year deals. It’s not confirmed what Gulak’s contract status is at the moment, but if he’s sticking around with the WWE, we may be seeing Catch Point show up in the company relatively soon.

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