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Drew McIntyre comments on wrestlers who complain about lack of opportunities

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre, who is on his second run with the WWE right now has evidently evolved as a performer ever since his exit from the company back in 2014. The Scottish Psychopath made his mark in several promotions to be recalled by the WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion chose to have a run in NXT before the main roster. The move brood him well as he won the NXT Championship and is now a prominent member on the main roster.

After being through all that, McIntyre clearly understands what it takes to be offered opportunities. In a chat with The State Journal-Register, Mcintyre mentioned how a changed mindset helped him to succeed. He said:

I can look around now and see people who have lost perspective,” McIntyre said of the WWE locker room. “They’re perhaps tweeting about how upset they are and their lack of opportunity instead of bettering themselves or working harder outside of the ring. They’re clearly not going to the gym and they don’t have that fire anymore, and I understand it because I was there. And I can spot it because I was that guy.”

“It’s my job and my character’s job to get rid of those who don’t necessarily have that fire and remind me of my younger self,” stated McIntyre.

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    His statement does have some truth to it. Not 100%, but there is a degree of truth.
    Some guys can bust their butts day in and day out and not get the pushes they deserve, and sadly never will. Those guys have have right to complain or get out. But I do agree with Drew that there are people on the current roster who do a lot of complaining but do not go out of their way to prove why they should be pushed.

    I think this is partially why people sympathise with The Revival but mock Banks. Not saying she does not work hard, just that she seems to spend a lot of time complaining even when she has had more pushes than many others.

    We all know the glass ceiling exists and some will never get anywhere near it, let alone break it, but unless you actually justify why you should get a big push, stop crying.