Drew McIntyre Drops Quitting WWE Bombshell

Drew McIntyre has blacked out his Twitter account and removed all WWE references, leading to fans speculating he is leaving WWE with his contract expiring later this year. Many think McIntyre could go to AEW.



On the latest episode of “AEW Dynamite,” Jeff Hardy made a surprise return to the ring to save his brother Matt, as well as HOOK and Isiah Kassidy, from a beatdown by The Firm. This marked Jeff’s first appearance in AEW since his suspension by Tony Khan following a DUI arrest in June 2022, which was his third such arrest in three years. In light of his return, veteran wrestler Bully Ray has issued a warning to Jeff to not mess up this opportunity.

Speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” Ray noted that Jeff has been given many opportunities in the past and that this will likely be his last chance. Matt recently discussed Jeff’s return on his podcast and acknowledged that there may be doubters, but he believes that Jeff has a different mentality this time around.

Ray also commented on the changing landscape of professional wrestling and how there is not as much temptation present as there was in the past. He stated that if Jeff were to have another slip-up, it would likely be because he went out of his way to find trouble rather than it being constantly around him.

“And truth be told, Jeff better not f*** this opportunity up,” Ray said on “Busted Open Radio.” “Because Jeff’s been given a lot of opportunities. This probably will be the final opportunity for him.” Matt recently claimed on his podcast that things will be different this time, thought he certainly understands why there would be doubters. “I don’t blame them,” Matt said in March. “[Jeff] just went into it with a different mentality.” Jeff made his AEW debut during a March 2022 episode of “Dynamite,” but only lasted a couple months before his DUI and subsequent suspension. Ray added that the professional wrestling landscape in general is different these days, noting that Jeff likely won’t face the pressures others did decades ago. “Listen, the world of pro wrestling does not present nearly as much temptation these days as it did 20 years ago,” he continued, to which co-host Tommy Dreamer immediately agreed. “So if Jeff were to have another slip-up, I would say that’s mostly on Jeff going out of his way to look for the slip-up as opposed to the slip-up just being around you at all times.”

It remains to be seen how Jeff will perform in his latest AEW stint, but it’s clear that many are rooting for him to succeed and stay out of trouble.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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