Drew McIntyre Major WrestleMania Match Revealed

Drew McIntyre is in line for a major WWE WrestleMania 37 match. Rumors regarding The Miz’s WrestleMania match are flying left and right about the next move for Drew McIntyre and we have the rumored answers from a new podcast.



Billi Bhatti was featured on the latest episode of ‘The Dirty Sheets’ show and spoke about the next steps for Drew McIntyre’s run. McIntyre is friends with Bhatti. Here’s what we have. McIntyre will return on Raw on Monday.

Bhatti: “This whole thing that happened with Lashley was literally like f***ing put together-like…okay. We have to do Edge and Roman so we can’t now do Bryan and Roman because even that was changed. It was gonna be Bryan and Roman but Cesaro and Roman first. So, Cesaro was supposed to win the chamber and then face Roman at Fast Lane.”

Bhatti continues: “Bryan would get the shot at Mania. Cesaro just loses to Bryan. Bryan now goes in next-probably get the shot at Fastlane and then you go to Roman and Edge. The Drew stuff, they’ve been scrambling around with what to do for him for a Mania opponent. I know that he hasn’t known who he’s facing. I know that it was going to be Edge.”

Plans obviously changed though with Bryan vs. Roman now being the Fastlane direction. Bhatti continues a bit speaking about various sources he spoke to before getting back to Mania talk. The WrestleMania Drew McIntyre match result was reportedly spoiled.

Bhatti: “The main event on night one is Drew vs Lashley.”

Cav: “It’s for nothing?!”

Bhatti: “For the title!”

Cav: “Okay, so, Lashley is gonna get the belt this next week?”

Bhatti: “I don’t know if he’ll get it this week but basically, Lashley is what they’ve come up with for what Drew’s gonna do. We knew this a long time ago that he was winning-the plan was just drop it before and you’ll win it back at Tampa, right? I figured when Orton won it that was it. I think it was ‘we took it off you too soon, you’re still like the guy who’s available to do the most media and you’re the best at it.'”

Bhatti closes: “So, that was all obvious.” 

Dustin Schumacher
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