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Drew McIntyre on how things have changed backstage since his first WWE run

Drew McIntyre has had an incredible journey where is was on the main WWE roster, got released, returned to indies, returned to NXT to become the NXT Champion and now he is back on the main roster.

During a recent interview WWE posted on their website, Drew was asked about how things have changed backstage on Raw compared to his previous run.

Answering to it, the former NXT Champion said that people are much relaxed now backstage and there is no tension in the air as if the show if not Live:

“I remember thinking, ‘Man, people are so relaxed now,’ acting like it’s not live Raw. There’s no tension in the air. Everyone is just getting along like we’re at band camp.”

Apart from this Drew also talked about how many people in the current roster would not have survived 11 years ago while Dolph Ziggler discussed working with McIntyre.

  • Soulshroude

    Gotta love locker room politics and who actually runs the backstage area. Just DON’T be like ENZO!