Drew McIntyre ‘Permanently Injured’ Fired WWE Star

WWE Drew McIntyre was involved in the angle when the former WWE star Charlie Haas had broken his neck on an episode of SmackDown in 2009. Haas recently reflected on the injury as he joined in as a guest on UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone and touched on a number of topics.



Charlie Haas talks about the injury that involved Drew McIntyre

Charlie Haas was asked about Edge’s 2021 Royal Rumble win and he mentioned that he was good friends with the WWE Hall of Famer and that he didn’t expect him to return because of his neck condition. It is really one of the most shocking returns in the history of the company and it is nothing less than a fairytale. Haas also brought up an incident from 2009 where he broke his own neck in an angle with ‘The Scottish Warrior’. Becky Lynch Shows Off Abs In Beautiful Photo

“Edge and I are friends, we’re good friends. I didn’t know he was coming back because of his neck. I mean, I broke my neck, Drew McIntyre broke my neck, it’s on YouTube. It was supposed to be me and Ron Killings, and they brought him out instead and… it was an interview and he cut me off and he hit me with a DDT with my hands behind my back, never let go. I heard it crack.

I’m so happy for him and he’s what WWE needed, and happy for Christian too, good for him.”

You can check out the aforementioned segment below:

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