Drew McIntyre Raw Promo ‘Ruined’ By Announcer

This Drew McIntyre moment was ruined this Monday night! Monday Night Raw play-by-play commentator Adnan Virk is in his second week on the job and the learning curve is still in affect as he has had a rough sophomore try. During the show’s first half hour Virk was seen confusing Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin during their tag team match against the Viking Raiders. Virk would also open the show talking about how ‘storylines are progressing’ with Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, a term that ruined the believability of McIntyre’s promo. Drew McIntyre rejected this ‘major’ Raw match.



However, one fan, Ethan Cramer has been a fan of Virk so far as he stated the following on social media via Twitter: “Hearing Adnan Virk mention “storylines progressing” as #WWERaw began was not something I think I’ve heard before on commentary. I like his tone tho, he’s not over the top like Cole was.”

Speaking of Adnan Virk, the long term MLB network announcer recently gave an interview to the ‘Bommer In the Morning’ podcast in which Virk stated how he got the WWE Raw position. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below. Virk proclaimed: “The brain trust there (at WWE) made the decision late last year. They said, ‘We want to kind of get a legit sportscaster guy.’ Like an actual sportscaster to come in and offer a different feel. Is Drew McIntyre going to be ‘replaced’ at WWE Backlash?

Virk continued: “Nick Khan was my former agent at CAA and he’s the current President of WWE. Michael Cole is of course the voice of Smackdown on Fridays, and he’s in charge of all the talent in the division. He reaches out to my guy, asks ‘Would I be interested?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s give it a shot.’

Virk stated: “”So I auditioned in early February. And the audition was just amazing. I’m calling matches, previous matches, off the monitor that had happened the previous weeks on RAW and Smackdown. And I approached just as I would if I were calling a (Calgary) Flames/(Edmonton) Oilers game. I just went on the website and went ‘Okay, here’s Shayna Baszler. She’s been with WWE for this many years, her featured move is Kirifuda Driver.’ And I just called the action.

Drew McIntyre stated that he ‘feels bad’ for this top WWE female superstar.  Virk also said: “Play by play follows a three at structure; introduce the characters, establish the characters and put a bow on it. That’s what I did. Afterwards I interviewed a couple of the WWE stars. “I went home, they called a few weeks later, said, ‘Hey you got the job.’ I couldn’t tell anybody. Nick said I could tell five people; your parents, your wife, your brother and one of your kids. I was like ‘okay.’

Virk concluded: “Then Saturday afternoon some reports of it started getting out. I literally flew to Tampa under the cloak of darkness. I’m wearing a fedora, I’m sitting in the back of the plane, trying to keep a low profile. And then on Monday they revealed it.”

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