Drew McIntyre Reportedly ‘Buried’ By Bruce Prichard

Drew McIntyre has been ‘buried’ by WWE Raw creative, headed by Bruce Prichard, according to former writer Vince Russo on Sportskeeda with Dr. Chris Featherstone. Russo has implied he has a consulting television job on his podcasts, and has said he still talks to people at the USA Network, so he definitely still has an inside track on the behind the scenes of WWE.



“They buried the guy even further tonight. Bro, if we’ve been watching the TV, we can see they’ve been trying to get Drew over just by giving him wins. They don’t do anything. No story, no nothing. They think, ‘If we give him wins, he’s gonna get over.’

Russo added that McIntyre “took 10 steps backwards” due to McIntyre not being booked for Raw on Monday despite being backstage. He said WWE were not properly protecting his character, like he would have done with Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the day after a major screw job loss.

“If this happened to Drew last night, what would Drew do today? That’s how you protect every character. Drew would not stay home and lick his wounds. He wouldn’t do that. That’s how you protect every character.”

Russo also stated that there is no way The Miz heads into WrestleMania as champion. WWE’s other champion Roman Reigns ‘turned down’ a match with a top Raw star.

“Now they’ve really got me confused and I’ll tell you why. Okay, bro, Miz ain’t defending the title at WrestleMania. Seriously, if Miz defends the WWE title at WrestleMania, the WWE needs to send me 50 bucks. Just send me 50 bucks for doing that. So we know that’s not gonna happen.”

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