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Drew McIntyre reveals his dream opponent for WrestleMania

Drew McIntyre has made the most of the second chance he has availed with the WWE. McIntyre has managed to be one of the top stars of the RAW brand and is one of the favourites heading into the Royal Rumble match.

During a media call recently, the former Intercontinental Champion asserted on his need to win the Royal Rumble match and head into WrestleMania with a title match ahead of him.

However, McIntyre also revealed a backup plan in case he fails to win the 30-man Rumble. The Scottish Psychopath plans on facing none other than John Cena if his initial plans fail. He said:

“The goal is win the Royal Rumble and go to WrestleMania for the Championship,” McIntyre said. “But I might consider having a match with John Cena at WrestleMania just as big, because as was mentioned earlier, he might not have too many left and I do believe he is the greatest superstar of all time. So that would be the biggest notch in my belt if that was to go through.”


  • Soulshroude

    Dude… Drew… Cena already called you out and asked you to give him something completely different. Don’t be “that guy” and just say that “oh, yeah… I’d love to have a match with Cena”. No!! Instead… deliver for us, your audience and give us what we think is YOU and therefore claiming YOU as relevant and worthy for who ever you go through at any Wrestlemania. In other words, Drew… don’t be that “CHUMP” of a guy. The WWE already has plenty of those, they call them “jobbers” always at “mid-card” status.