Drew McIntyre ‘Ripped Off’ Top Raw Star?

Drew McIntyre is the former WWE Champion whose win has been celebrated by the WWE Universe and it was his dream come true moment at WrestleMania 36.



WWE star Jinder Mahal who returned last week at Monday Night Raw has been the holder of the title as well. It seems they could be entailed in a storyline soon.

Jinder Mahal takes shot at Drew McIntyre

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Mahal teased some tension with “The Scottish Warrior” as he said that McIntyre would not be the Champion if Mahal did not win it in the first place.

He stated that “The Scottish Warrior” simply followed in his footsteps. He said:

“Why am I not celebrated?” asked Mahal. “I [came back and won the title] in better fashion then Drew. I bet if I didn’t become WWE Champion, Drew wouldn’t have. You know why? Because I showed him the way. I showed Drew the way. I laid the blueprint down for Drew. Drew followed the same gameplan that I did.”

He also spoke about how the fans have reacted to both the stars winning the WWE Championship. Mahal’s win was ridiculed while McIntyre’s win was celebrated by the fans. Vince McMahon ‘Pulled’ WWE Champion After Arrest

He said:

“My problem is not with Drew,” said Mahal. “My problem is with the idea that Drew McIntyre was celebrated as a champion, like he overcame such enormous odds. Let’s back it up. Me and Drew were part of 3MB together. Me and Drew got released the exact same day. I made it back to WWE faster, better, I became WWE Champion faster than Drew McIntyre, yet I wasn’t celebrated.

“I was called the experiment or whatever, you know. I don’t have a book right now. Drew has a book, Drew is doing media nonstop, you know, this is one of the only times I’ve done media in the last few months. Why am I not celebrated the same way Drew McIntyre is celebrated? Our stories are parallel. You know, just because you don’t hear about my hardships in life doesn’t mean I’ve had an easy route to the WWE or becoming WWE Champion. I’ve had just as many challenges as Drew has had. Yet I’m not acknowledged, right?”

McIntyre had expressed his desire to work with Mahal in a storyline and it could be just matter of time that they will have a feud.

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