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Drew McIntyre’s expected feud upon return

Drew McIntyre

WWE has a few superstars who are out of action and Drew McIntyre is one of them. However, he is expected to return very soon.

McIntyre required minor surgery, but the nature of the injury was unknown. However, it was said that he was sick for weeks before the surgery.

According to a report by Wrestle Votes, when McIntyre makes his return, he is expected to start a feud with Seth Rollins.

More Seth Rollins news: I’m hearing his next program will be with Drew McIntyre, who is expected back at anytime now.

We will keep you updated on McIntyre’s return status once we learn more.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Survivor Series will be Seth vs Smackdown Champ…

  • Pathetic.

    You know who ACTUALLY gets a lot of stuff right? Smart Wresting Fan, because they have sources actually inside WWE and not someone who works in catering who heard a couple of writers toss around ideas while they were walking down the hall.

  • CC

    And these dirt sheets with their insider info has been so spot on recently hasn’t it.
    Hell, that tool Brad Shephard said last night that Charlotte was wearing a certain colour outfit last night and would win the match, and when people pointed out he got both things wrong he started calling people names.

    These insiders and dirt sheet reporters are a joke.
    They get the odd thing right, but they get just as much wrong and they always used the old cliched get out of jail free card of “WWE changed their mind” as in most cases there is no way to prove whether it was the original plan or not.

  • Wicka Steve

    No, Rollins next feud is with the Fiend and after that comes Survivor Series where I expect Rollins to be on Team Raw, not in a one-on-one feud, unless there’s a saudi show in there before SS in which case I expect Rollins in a rematch against the Fiend.