Dustin Poirier Attacks Man For ‘Grabbing’ Wife

Dustin Poirier is currently one of the most popular fighters in all of the UFC, especially after his win over Conor McGregor at UFC 264.Megan Fox also previously dropped a bombshell related to Dustin Poirier.



Recently, a fan took to Twitter and posted a video from Dustin Poirier’s appearance on comedian Theo Von’s podcast from 2018. Poirier recalled an incident where he defended his wife Jolie against a group of thugs.

“I was at my brother’s house, and it was like a street party. You know, everybody is out on the street. And my wife was leaning over a fence talking to somebody. Guys from next door came over and like, bent over her back – while she was bending over – and put his hand on her stomach, started talking in her ear. Bro,” Poirier said before Theo Von chimed in and noted that Poirier must’ve been infuriated by that.

“I ripped him off. I had a buddy of mine who fights. He started dropping this other guy’s people left and right. Every shot that landed, everybody fell. He shot a hundred percent from the field that night. Then I started punching this guy. And then he had a lot more friends than we did. People were fighting everywhere. I ended up getting my back up against a car ‘cause they were jumping. And I got hit with a bunch of uppercuts. It was crazy, man.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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