Dustin Poirier Wife ‘Goes After’ Conor McGregor In Photo

Dustin Poirier’s wife Jolie Poirier flipped off Conor McGregor after his loss at UFC 264. Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Insane’ Dustin Poirier Bet Was Revealed. You can see below.



Alexander_Thee_Great posted on the MMA Reddit after the fight, “Any mystique Conor McGregor had left is fully gone. He’s doing his hardest to be featherweight mcgregor, but he’s not leaps and bounds ahead of the competition anymore. Aside from Eddie, McGregor hasn’t had any impressive wins at lightweight, but even that was in 2016.

Beautiful performance by Dustin. Conor had good moments in the first round as expected, but near the end he started to fade. If the fight continued, Dustin would have surely won by tko like the second fight.”

korn_cakes33 said, “Well he took this fight for the bag over a title shot. Dana is going to give him another massive bag for a 4th fight. This fight is happening again.”

Throwaway72652 wrote, “Eh, Dustin already got 2 bags, and seems to really dislike Conor, rightfully so. I think he doesn’t need Conor anymore, he’s built his name up with these 2 wins, move on to Oliveria, and leave Conor to sit with his 2 losses he can never get back. I think Dustin will have no problem getting decent money from now on.”

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