Dustin Rhodes calls WWE a prison

Jon Moxley referenced WWE as a prison in the first promo he sent out after his release from the company and now another star has made similar remarks.



Dustin Rhodes got released from WWE recently after which he joined AEW and in the new interview with Inside The Ropes, he called his former promotion a prison.

Rhodes said that it’s one of the prions which takes good care of its prisoners but he needed to go out and do something else because he had been there for so long:

“It was hard to get out. It’s like if anybody has seen the movie Papillon. [WWE]’s like a prison, it really is. It’s one of the prisons they take good care of you in but I needed to go and do something else, man, because I had been there for so long. They had taken good care of me, but I needed to get out. I needed to get out and breathe and try to find my passion again.”

Continuing on the topic, Dustin Rhodes also talked about how he was not being used by the company and how it was a frustrating experience for him as he was getting old.

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