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Dutch Mantel comments on the Broken gimmick, Reby Hardy issues stern response

Dutch Mantel speaks about Broken gimmick, Reby Sky responds.

Dutch Mantel aka former WWE manager Zeb Colter recently gave props to a fan for the latter’s comment on the Broken gimmick. Needless, to say Reby Hardy took to social media to call out Mantel for what she perceived as a snide comment toward the Hardy family.

Dutch Mantel has worked as a manager and backstage consultant for several notable professional wrestling promotions since his retirement from in-ring competition back in 1990. The 67-year old worked with TNA (now re-branded as Impact Wrestling) from 2003 as part of the company’s Creative team until his departure owing to creative differences in ’09.

Mantel who’s best known for his time as Zeb Colter and his All-American racist gimmick in WWE, was released from WWE in May of 2016, and in January of this year Impact Wrestling announced that he would be working as a creative consultant for the company- later promoting him to Head of Creative in February.

Dutch Mantel is the latest in the line of Impact Wrestling personalities/executives to have thrown shade at the Hardy family and refute the latter’s claims over the usage rights of the Broken gimmick. The Hardys claim the Broken characters and storyline to be Matt Hardy’s brainchild, whereas new Impact owners Anthem Sports and Entertainment say otherwise.

Hardy family matriarch Reby has stayed active on social media following their departure from the company earlier this year, and has been at war with Impact Wrestling, calling them out on the Cease and Desist order they had issued to the Hardys a few weeks back. The latest TNA exec to find himself in the proverbial eye of the storm seems to be Dutch Mantel. Dutch responded to a fan who stated that if Matt Hardy had a legitimate case to prove his rights over the Broken gimmick, he’d have seen a judge by now. Mantel took note of this post, and sent out a tweet highlighting the same, whilst thanking the fan for being someone who “GETS IT!!”.

Not one to take things lying down, Reby issued a lengthy response in form of several consecutive tweets-

“Someone please tell me if this is this MFer’s actual twitter. So I should let our attorneys know TNA is ready & eager to go to court NOW. And I assume YOU’LL be picking up court cost$ for TNA’s team ? As cute as it is to watch @DirtyDMantell play into the naivety of most fans, no; it is not smart – financially or otherwise to take……ANYTHING ‘straight to court’ without trying to reach resolution by other means first. @DirtyDMantell, maybe you should STFU before you……COMPLETELY ruin any chance of a deal being made by the lawyers your dumbass company pays VERY HANDSOMELY per hour for @DirtyDMantell ***OR*** We can “get in front of a judge” right tf now because fcking Dutch Mantel is legal counsel all of a sudden LMAO. ! @EdNordholm, might wanna check ya boy @DirtyDMantell out here making ur uphill battle even steeper I won’t even charge u for that advice.”

To which Dutch Mantel replied-

Not one to shy away, Queen Rebecca fired back-

Matt and Jeff Hardy are presently the WWE RAW tag-team champions and are yet to fully showcase their Broken selves to the WWE Universe. Meanwhile, Dutch Mantel, who bagged a huge backstage job in Impact Wrestling earlier this year seems to have picked his side against the Hardys in the family’s ongoing legal dispute with Impact Wrestling.

Dutch Mantel speaks in favor of Impact Wrestling? Well, no surprises here, folks! The man is now an important exec in the promotion and as of now, just about everybody and their dog, knows that the Broken Universe = Money. In my opinion both parties must refrain from using social media to air their dirty laundry and rather let this matter play out in court. It’s fairly evident, as Reby herself stated, that both the Hardys and Anthem are currently in negotiations for a potential out-of-court settlement, and regardless of how they end this dispute, I look forward to the day the Hardy family re-introduce their Broken personas inside the WWE ring. Bring back the Hardy Compound, free Senor Benjamin, I say!

  • D2K

    This whole thing is starting to seem like a work to me.

  • Josamaroo

    Honestly can’t WWE just changed the BROKEN part of the whole gimmick and call it a day. They can’t take away his accent and colored hair or any references that he makes. The only thing the court can DELETE is the word BROKEN and probably BROTHER NERO as well. I mean would it really matter if he changed BROKEN to a different word. I’m not going to give any suggestions here but to me it doesn’t matter what the word is as long as MATT HARDY is playing that gimmick. It’s kinda like when Hulk Hogan went to WCW in 94. Everyone knew who he was and as long as they got HOGAN they were happy. What if VINCE sued WCW in 94 and said they couldn’t use the term IMMORTAL when referencing THE IMMORTAL HULK HOGAN. That would have been ridiculous then and WWE not being able to use BROKEN MATT HARDY is ridiculous now.

  • Johny Payne

    @keith_learmonth:disqus @robertmills:disqus @disqus_JbVTQuWRQ8:disqus @disqus_HGNqEGQgFT:disqus @pitfallharry219:disqus The Great Balls of Fire PPV will reportedly have pianos and stuff like that. AJ Styles recently said that in an interview. And you know what, maybe, just maybe, we can get to see Matt revert back to his Broken self after he loses at the event.
    Just freakin think about it pianos, Matt losing, a bizarre PPV. It kinda adds up.

  • Johny Payne

    She sure does. I think both parties will eventually reach an out-of-court settlement. Big fan of the Broken Hardys and really bummed about this ongoing dispute.
    The problem with this situation is that nothing has been proved as of yet, so we’ll just have to let this play out I guess.

  • Derek Mitchell

    He will always be “Dirty” Dutch Mantel one half of The Kansas Jayhawks along with Bobby Jaggers.

  • Keith Learmonth

    To be fair, anyone under the age of about 27 is only really going to know him as Zeb Colter. Most of his manager runs didn’t last too long, or were in companies so small that most people would be forgiven for not knowing them.

  • ROB-1.

    I will say one thing, Matt’s wife sure speaks her mind.

  • D2K

    Let’s not get carried away here……

  • pitfallharry219

    I think I’d rather have Mike Diaz reporting the news with a few spelling errors rather than the writer pasting wikipedia entries and adding opinions to news stories that don’t need opinions.

  • MrDr3w

    “Mantel who’s best known for his time as Zeb Colter and his All-American racist gimmick in WWE…”

    Are all wrestling fans 12 years old now?