Dwayne Johnson Discusses Wearing a Tutu and more On ESPN’s First Take

Dwayne Johnson was a guest on ESPN’s First Take this morning, promoting The Tooth Fairy. Johnson sat down with host Jay Crawford, and they immediately joke about the tutu that he had to wear in the film. Johnson says you just have to embrace it.



Johnson talks about hockey, and says if he were an NHL player, he would be a bit of Wayne Gretsky and Ray Bourque. He says he knew he had to have a stunt double, because he could not master skating. But he mastered getting a stunt double.

Due to his Achilles tendon injury from a few years ago, skating was very difficult. He has a great appreciation and respect for hockey now, after spending so much time with hockey players. He also says that they are just as tough as football players, but way crazier.

He always appreciated hockey, and says when he wrestled, he met tons of hockey players, but it was the movie that made him respect them as he does now.

Jay Crawford notices that Johnson is still jacked, and noted that the football players in the studio were discussing how huge he still is.

They then play a clip of Ashley Judd (who was on the show earlier) discussing Johnson looking good in a tutu and saying that he is great in the film.

Crawford wants to learn the eyebrow, and Rock goes old school with the people’s eyebrow and the guys in the studio love it. Crawford fails at his try, as Johnson says, “what the hell is that?”

Go see the movie.

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