The Rock Says He Has No Interest In Wrestling Cena, Wants To “Rip Up” WWE’s TV Product

During an interview with Live Audio Wrestling last night, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he would return to WWE for a guest-hosting role or to wrestle a match on the sole condition that he can “rip up” the writing for the current television product and tap into the “Attitude Era” with an edgier product.



“I want to use the platform as a host to literally rip things open. There’s so much stuff we can do,” Johnson told John Pollock. “We’re going to create an incredible show, an incredible Raw. I’m doing another movie, but after that, we’re going to create something special, unique, something badass for the fans. Talking to Vince (McMahon), whenever that’s going to be, we’re going to have a great time.”

Johnson echoed what he said last week during an interview with ESPN in that he wouldn’t rule out actually wrestling, but only if he can turn the product upside down and create a compelling storyline leading to a match.

“I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in wrestling, so I wouldn’t rule out going back,” Johnson said. “If the match was right and we could create something really unique and cool for the fans and for my opponent and for the company, I would do it in a second.”

Johnson once again said he has no interest in wrestling John Cena, but talked about what it would take for him to work a program with one of WWE’s premiere stars.

“I’ve never been interested in wrestling John Cena. The guys I wrestled in the past – from Goldberg to Hogan to Austin – were guys who I’ve really wanted to wrestle. If it can be done creatively but not only that, it’s very important if I do back is that the writing has to be ripped open and really be pushed,” Johnson said. “I came from a time in the Attitude era where we trail-blazed a lot and were fearless in the things we said and did.”

Johnson added: “There are a lot of restrictions now on the product, which by the way, I understand, and I enjoy some of the stuff I see and I know some of the writers and they’re challenged every week, but if in fact I do go back, it would be an interesting collision of an Attitude time that I loved and the time now, but I’m sure we can always infuse things to make it work.”

To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here.

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