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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Responds To His Critics In The WWE Locker Room

  • The_Whole_Truth

    c’mon man. Over the past 5 years, while Cena has been on a 5yr push to being super cena. Where were these posts? how many ppl have been given a push since Cena? Orton was pushed before Cena so u can’t say him. Pretty much every champion pushed was soon after pulled so Cena can have the belt back. When Rock was full time, people like Benoit and Kurt Angle were pushed up to the top. Not to mention Chris Jericho. Those are guys we will always remember. People like Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, we won’t remember him. After the thing with Rock and Cena is history, it’ll be Cena as champ all over again. Lets face facts ppl. WWE is suffering from its own stupidity of not pushing superstars. In my opinion, Wade Barret should be teh top of the business right now

  • Jon

    It sound like the children where here last night. I guess it time to block some ppl here

  • Little Jimmy G

    how does a forum discussion about the rock turn to name calling?

    Come on guys

  • venom


    you sound pretty smart for name calling. Are you done crying about The Undertaker’s hair?

  • Devil_Rising

    venom is such a cunt its unreal, never says anything clever, educated or relevant

  • venom

    @Pull my finger

    Did it take you 15 years to come up with that?

  • venom

    ^Shut up^^^^^^^^^^

  • adam

    @Buttercastle I actually did complain about taker coming back. I am one of the few people who think he should finally lose so he doesnt have to keep coming back for his one match a year. But i dont think it should be to triple h. Which means he should fight one more match and have it be to someone like wade barett cody rhodes or ted dibiase. As for the rock thing i could see were both sides are coming from. I understand the people in the back being upet because they bust there ass night after night going to house shows and all of this and rock just makes random apperances and he has a main event at wrestlmania. I know people will say oh its becasue its the rock he paid his dues. But if that happened back when rock was wrestling. Say mach man or ric flair or one of those guys game back and said were going to take on triple H or stone cold and this match is set for next years wrestlmania. And they only made random apperances i could see rock being like oh this is bs blah blah blah.

  • Supreme_Wrestling

    Dolph should be on the card for wrestlemania but the miz sucks bad, and while the rock hasn’t been there much,nobody says anything about stonecold when he shows up.You look at the ratings when he shows up they are thru the roof! So if Vinnie Mac is looking at it like that then its a good business move. The rock announced he was back last year, and that was a wake up call to the locker room if you can’t get it done then move elsewhere. You have to sell the business and only Punk, Bryant, Henry, Orton, Dolph, R-truth,Sheamus and Cena have done that. Vince needed people to step up and some did and others didn’t. Who really cares if you see the lame ass tag team division really. The Uso’s stay in trouble so they are held back, Ryder is being burned for some reason, and Miz without a lackey sucks.

  • Buttercastle

    What’s funny is Rock entertains more in one segment than most of the roster does all year round. I truly believe he isn’t back for himself, but rather the fans. It’s what the fans want. Why does a guy who makes millions from movies each year have any reason to go back to wrestling? Not to steal someone’s spot, who if they were important enough they would be on the card by now. For the fans.

    Why isn’t this person complaining about Taker or Triple H stealing their spot? Taker has been literally gone since last year’s WM, at least Rock has been around in some form since then. Sure he needed to recuperate after his last match. Think about it, if it takes a year to recover after a match I think it’s safe to say he’s way past retirement. It’s a completely unnecessary match because everyone and their mother can probably predict Taker is going to win to make the streak 20-0, otherwise why make a big deal about this if he’s going to lose? Not like he has to put over Triple H. Unless they throw a curve ball and have him lose, everyone already knows the outcome which takes away from the entertainment of the match.

    To;dr who would you rather have upstage you: the guy who comes around occasionally to entertain the crowd and get ratings up and talk smack to Cena and even participate in a match at a PPV, or the guy who shows up once a year and has been winning thanks to a scripted streak and then can’t be seen the rest of the year thanks to needing to recover because he’s way past due for retirement?

  • El Puchero

    If people want to complain, the person they should have a problem with is McMahon, not the Rock. McMahon is the one booking and promoting the Rock, and at the end of the day, the rock is an entertainer who is there to collect a paycheck, just like everyone else. So how can you hold a grudge against someone for doing their job? Vince and WWE need star power, and this is it. The Rock is there to sell tickets and pay per views.

    Are people going to say the same thing next year if let’s say, Austin vs. CM Punk is the main event? Or will everyone be happy to see him? My guess is that people will still find a reason to have a problem with it.

  • JIR

    See folks Here is the thing I am all for everyone getting their fair chance at the spotlight but just because you haven’t been given it doesn’t been you can’t take it.
    As for Cena fighting for the guys in the back who don’t get the chance sir you should not have taken the match with Rock a year in advance

  • Moe

    And apparently I can’t compose sentences! Cena needs to go heel. Perfect opportunity for him especially if he’s booed in Miami!

  • Moe

    Talk about Cena hogging the spotlight. He had been in a Title match since WrestleMania 21! Talking about taking other people’s spot. Not even had 7 Title matches in a row! Not HHH, not Rock, not HBK. So Cena should shut up! It’s not the Rock’s problem that he’s so over and that Vince doesn’t trust anyone on the roster! All the Rock haters can Suck It!

  • Little Jimmy G

    I’ve grown up with wrestling since i was 4 and watched all these guys come in and out and the only ones who stuck around were the guys that:

    1. Good for business,
    2. Poured their hearts and souls into their work.
    3. Went to Vince to his face and complained, Not blab on website or twitter.

    and thats the bottom line

    Cause lil jimmy says so haha

  • the_electrifying_one

    @little Jimmy G

    AMEN!!!! On the same wave length there mate.

  • Little Jimmy G

    People like The Rock, Austin, HBK, HHH, Taker, they were around when WWF (yes WWF) had poor ratings with WCW!!!

    Those guys put their bodys out and performed nearly every night for all us fans. So in my eyes I feel they do deserve the perks that they get now.

    If you read HBK’s book Heartbreak and triumph you will understand more.
    People like those mentioned above and even more i haven’t mentioned have so many beatings over the years and you want them to perform every week. Even HHH is settling down and i don’t hear people complaining about him.

    As for ROck vs Cena………………..

    CENA SUCKS!!!!

  • the_electrifying_one

    I can sort of understand some guys backstage being a little disgruntled by Rock coming back and making the odd appearance every now and again. However if it wasn’t for the Great One (and others) these guys wouldn’t have the audience they have today.

    Besides The Rock doesn’t need to talk to people who are haters. Just like The Electrifying One.

    If I was a guy backstage and the Rock came back I’d be a little bit unhappy about it. However I would make sure I worked my ass off all day everyday Bringin it like there’s no tomorrow!! just so I would get noticed and get a push. Not being a foolish hater.

    The Rock is the Great One for a very good reason & Im sure his MILLIONS and Millions of fans will agree.

  • Marc

    If they refuse to put their name to what they say then they are a coward. So whoever set it is obviously just jealous and it afraid to be attached to the quote. Douche, whoever it is.

  • adam

    @dave ziggler got bigger this year and he deserves a big match at mania though i dont think thats who sent this messege. I have a feeling its the Miz. And i do like him his charcter entertains me and he has gotten better in the ring. ANd for him if it is him like i suspect he does have a argument because he was in the main event of wrestlmania last year and even in his main event the match wasnt about him it was about cena and the rock. Now that there facing eachohter he is kind of swept under the rug.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    So far the only matches made for WM are the two championship matches (WWE & World), Taker/HHH amd Cena/Rock. I’m sure there will be an IC title match (most likely Show/Cody), at least two or three grudge matches, maybe a Divas match and (fingers crossed on this one) a Money in the Bank match since they are getting rid of that PPV.

  • The rock has earned his spot the ones complaining haven’t its as simple as that

  • Devil_Rising

    thank you JIR, great minds and all that 😉

  • JIR

    @Devil_Rising I see what you did there sir good post

  • shawn

    aww man i was hoping he was responding to his critics actually in the locker room. i was cheering to myself when i seen the headline. thats how hed gain respect from these negative bandwagon hopping prissies. i hope this story is for real because i dont want to talk shit about them. i want them to become successful just like everyother fan.

  • sepulz

    I ordered survivor series strictly to see the rock. He draws simple as that. The only problem I have is when he said he’s back and never leaving again. Deep down I knew it wasn’t true but the little kid in me that grew up watching him hoped that it was true. That pissed me off. Never should have said it

  • Bill

    Honestly, few guys are really trying to get over these days. Nobody seems to give a damn really. That’s why Punk shot to the top. He’s done his intense promos, amazing ring work, & caused controversy. WWE had to push him, because he deserved it. Miz use to deserve it, but he’s really let his guard down & doesn’t try to be the best. Just good enough to keep a job. But, I was really hoping to see Rock work with a lot of younger guys. I hope he does after WM. He could get them over big-time.

  • dave

    how can he put anyone over when this WM 28 match with cena has been booked since the night after WM 27. also name ANYONE who has gotten bigger in 2011?? zack ryder because of his own doing on the internet and CM Punk took a big step BUT no thanks to anyone but himself. The Rock has enough money to never do ANYTHING again never mind wrestle. the doing disney movies comment, how about this. WWE brought back The Rock win back the audience they lost by turning INTO a disney movie.

  • r8ted wrx

    so rock is in it for rock? But yet when this person texts out some stupid crap they talk about how the rock is keeping them from a bigger payday. Sounds like this person is out for themselves and really wants the payday just as much as the rock. What most those guys/girls in the back doesn’t realize that the rock ran the roads for years and made it to the top by working his ass off. So he has every right to come back and work the biggest event.

  • Boomski

    Anyone who hates The Rock should go Youtube him and watch a few videos. Then realize why he should be respected anytime he comes back.

  • Dan

    I don’t get the idea that he’s here for a big pay day, surely making films pays better than the odd appearance and Wrestlemania? Plus the idea of him having to train so much in order to put on the match, during his schedule for a pay day he probably doesn’t need just doesn’t add up to me.

  • d

    @ heyfit austin retired due to a neck injury hbk was 42 had a bad knee and wanted to spend sometime with his kids and the rock moved on to another carrer.

  • Diesel

    Booo hoo who gives a toss? Whoever it was was just a jealous crybaby.

    Ok Rock left us to pursue other stuff but so what? He’d won every title, become one of the top stars of the company, had matches with every major name there is, and created a bond with the audience that Cena could only dream of. Not to mention he left on his terms rather than overdo it like Flair & Hogan did.

    Bottom line: He didn’t do anything wrong, if there are people who feel the need to bitch & moan backstage, then they’re simply just insecure and jealous that they never achieved the level he did, and same goes for their golden boy John Cena.

  • heyfit

    Rock, Austin & HBK sold out on their fans by leaving us.

    But rock is the worse of the three, because he’s a LIAR!
    never ever leaving? yeah right …

  • peep this

    Here is how I see this. John took his jab at the Rock which I believe was scripted or he would have not have said vince will probably fine me. He knew dam well what he was going to say before he even said it. The days of ad libbing are over. So I dont really believe him whole hart.
    Having said that. I think what or who ever is complain (and rock is right) they will never get over anyway. Is that The Rock is now a house hold name. He can draw an entire new audience to the sport who before never even considered watching it. Sure it puts the spot light on him. But it like a salesmen. He selling himself not only to broaden himself. But he also draws new viewers to the sport. So in the long run while it seems its ALL about the Rock. I see it as a more global brand for the WWE as well as the Rock. You have a guy who clearly made a name for himself in the WWE and now he has done extremely well outside of wrestling. I think he has opened allot of other door for the current employees. Sure you will have the haters on Rock selling out. But do you really think the guy came back for the money? He make 10x that doing a movie. By cross branding and I think the guys roots are what brings him back. I mean look at how many freeking times Hogan left, came back ect. Does that make him a sell out too? Both are know world wide. Rock I think has just done a better job at making a career change. While hoagn is known for wrestling.
    That just my take on it. Right or wrong were all entitled to our views.

  • jose

    it seems to me that the younger who haven’t got enough talent to in the main event at wrestlemania are bitching about Rock whereas people who far more of a right than any of them like taker and hhh are just getting on with things. @donnrs you talk about people who deserve to be on the wrestlemania card then wheres Kane he’s been the most dominant superstar in wwe over the past couple of months apart from losing to cena at elimination chamber yet he’s overlooked as always

  • d

    ziggler will be involved in mania in some way shape or form be it in mitb ( if they have it ) the long/lauranitus fued or a us title match or tag team championship match

  • dave

    it’s stupid people are blaming the rock for “taking their spot” it’s so far from the truth. rock is right you can complain and bitch all they want it won’t get them higher in the company but they could use that anger and that frustration to better themselves it says more about WWE that they have had to bring in The Rock and Chris Jericho and have Undertake vs HHH III. it’s not because wwe havent built stars in the company they have gave plenty the oppurtunity to take that ball and run with it. granted their are backstage politics (john cena sheamus etc) but as you all know Austin wasnt given anything he worked his ass off to be the best. jericho is the same even dusty rhodes was given a crappy angle and he made it work. dolph as an up and comer is showing signs of becoming a great because he’s devolping that character remember he used to be the guy that no one even knew his name and before that the spirit squad. it’s not the writers job to get you over it’s yours!!

    also any wrestling fan who says but rock left us he’s a sell out. you have no right to expect rock to even wrestle again he saw people like hulk hogan terry funk mick foley stone cold steve austin wrestle to the point it has destroyed their bodies. apparently it takes mick 45 mins to get out of bed because he’s so beat up. in my opinion rock is the smartest man in wrestling he got out before he caused major damage to his body.

  • Unique

    If the rock wasnt gonna be there… know Cena would be in a title match instead. Would anyone out there rather that?….anyone???

  • Malice

    The Rock has a point. This is also one of the reasons I respect Zack Ryder. When he was in the same position as the ones whining about the Rock, he didn’t complain or bitch about it, he got up off his ass and worked hard to get himself over regardless of his gimmick. Maybe those whiny bitches complaining need to take a few plays out of his playbook and follow suit.

  • scooter

    CM punk with his amazing reactions and incredible merch sales isn’t over? I agree with rocky to some extent some people should just get their heads down and work hard rather than draw attention to themselves but I see the other side as well that he’s taking away spots!

  • donners

    i have a problem with this.

    you look at the card for mania, and where’s ziggler? where’s r-truth? miz?

    i accept that they are nowhere near as big as the rock, and i doubt anyone will ever get that over again, but the point is that they’re the people you watch on tv every week, not rock.

    ziggler in particular has had a fantastic 12 months, has really come into his own, and hasn’t had a bad match for as long as i can remember. he bumped himself to death at the elimination chamber and for what? as of right now he’s not on the card and i think it’s a shame.

    yes, there are a few that will bitch and moan about not having ‘a spot’ who don’t deserve one, but there are equally others that do – christian (always deserves a spot IMO), barrett (complete shame about his injury), mark henry (they built smackdown around him) etc.

    sometimes loyalty isn’t enough when there’s money to be made….

  • Best in the world

    Even Rocky can’t really think up much of a comeback. Because frankly, what Cena and everyone else has been saying is true. Rocky went all Hollywood and nowadays he just plays WWE like a fiddle. Sad, but true nonetheless.

  • The People’s Eyebrow

    I understand where the guys backstage are coming from, but they need to step up their game. Just look at the guys on the roster now and how horrible most of them are in the ring and on mic. They can’t even make Smackdown or Raw entertaining. I’m all for the Rock vs. Cena at Wrestlemania until the other guys can show they are capable of performing well. Having said that, it’s not like Cena is great, but he’s the still company’s moneymaker.

  • Nicholas

    Hey The Rock not telling any lies. I think there are to many young wrestler sitting and crying how they might not be in Wrestlmania. Instead of out there performing putting on a show.

  • Devil_Rising

    wow rocky completely owned that twat who text that completely absurd and untrue text. rocky is the greatest thing ever, why should he speak to ppl below his awesomeness? he should get a HOF all to himself, im sure he would agree