DX/Legacy Feud Plans, Rumor of SmackDown! Trouble, ECW Rating

— This week’s edition of ECW posted a 1.2 rating for SyFy. Its “Warehouse 13” lead-in averaged 3.27 million viewers with a 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic.



— A MediaPost article notes that, as of press time, MyNetworkTV has only been cleared in 86% of the national markets (and is presently not cleared in markets like Jacksonville and Harrisburg). This story led to speculation on some websites that SmackDown, already suffering viewership declines since moving to The CW, might face more trouble next season.

A closer reading, however, reveals that the network is confident it will repeat last season’s 97% clearance; executive VP Paul Franklin says the clearance might even be higher than 97% come premiere week.

— A dark DX vs. Legacy cage match has been added to the SmackDown! taping on September 1, reports PWInsider. That suggests that their feud will not end at Summerslam.

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