Dynamite tops NXT in viewership for third straight week

While both the shows saw a decline in viewership once again, AEW Dynamite has still topped NXT in viewership with a big margin for the third straight week.



The Dynamite episode on TNT featuring the World Championship match between Chris Jericho and Darby Allin as the main event drew a total of 1.014 million viewers.

On the other hand, the NXT episode main evented by a singles match between former UK Champion Pete Dunne and Damien Priest drew a total of 712,000 viewers.

These numbers means that AEW topped the Black and Yellow brand’s show with their weekly show for the third straight week and Dynamite brought in 42.4% more viewers than NXT.

It’s interesting to note here that last week Dynamite had drawn 1.018 million viewers while NXT had drawn 790,000 viewers. This means that AEW’s viewership only dropped by 0.4% but NXT lost almost 10% of its viewers.

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