Early Word on Jericho’s Next Book, WWE Looks at Brawl For All, Win WM 29 Tickets

– Ted DiBiase, Jr. is giving away two tickets to WrestleMania 29 plus travel and spending money to the fans who raise the most money for his DiBiase Foundation. They are taking applications now and the winner will be announced on March 1st, 2013. More information and the entry forms can be found at TedDiBiaseFoundation.org.



– Chris Jericho revealed on Twitter that his third autobiography will be released in late 2013.

– The latest “Bring It Back” on WWE’s website looks at a potential return for Brawl For All, the shoot tournament that was won by Bart Gunn back in 1998. WWE and Daniel Bryan commented:

“So would Brawl for All work today? Probably not. There was too much risked and too little gained in the original tournament to warrant a relaunch. But, for the sake of argument, what if WWE brought Brawl for All back? Who would win?”

“”If Mark Henry hits you with a left hook, you’re out. He’d be nearly impossible to take down,” Daniel Bryan said of the dangerous Superstar he faced many times. “Guys like Swagger and Dolph would be tough, because of their wrestling. Alberto would do really well. Show would be difficult, because of his reach and his boxing experience.””

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