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EC3 Issues Statement On TNA Pulling Him From PCW Show

Ethan Carter III WWE

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III was scheduled to appear at the April 3rd Preston City Wrestling show in the UK. However, TNA pulled him from the show. The promotion issued the following:

“It saddens me to announce that TNA have issued the withdrawal of EC3/Ethan Carter from our April 3rd PCW show. The other international talent booked being Ken Anderson, Jade, Eddie Kingston, Cedric Alexander are all still confirmed to appear.

Wrestle Mania weekend is the hardest time of the year to secure a replacement talent but I have worked hard to secure somebody and subject to him finding his passport we may have another guest from the USA.

I did reach out to TNA management but was told ”Unfortunately nothing can be done. This is a network commitment and something he had no control over”.

Considering TNA was publicly vocal about not being happy when AJ Styles pulled out of an agreed deal with them, it does seem double standards to me that the company would ask talent to back out of a deal that has been in place for many weeks. I have lost out financially having paid for an extensive promotional campaign with EC3 clearly front and centre promoting his appearance but most of all I feel for fans who have used their hard earned money and booked travel to see/meet EC3. We have gone above and beyond to try source a replacement in tough times for those fans but it is a shame that when asked for assistance TNA told us ”nothing can be done”.

I will in future be thinking twice about using TNA talent to avoid repeat scenarios as even WWE respect that when a date is agreed it is agreed and do not try to pull talent from it. I try give my fans more than value for money and will continue to do so but even though I do take full responsibility for the change in the line up, you know I will always be honest with you all.

The show will still be amazing and tickets are available from

PCW owner – Steven Fludder”

UPDATE: EC3 posted the following statement on his Facebook page regarding the TNA-UK bookings situation:

Unfortunately, due to a previously unforeseen opportunity to continue building a rapport between TNA Wrestling and one of our television network partners, I was forced to cancel my appearances with both Southside and Preston City Wrestling April 2-3. Cancelling is not something I take lightly.

It is the second time a similar, yet completely different, set of circumstances occurred and I was regrettably forced to do this.

It is unfortunate because of the embracing relationship the great UK fans allow performers like myself to share with them. It is unfortunate because the sterling reputation the UK independent scene has, is warranted (and something I have yet to experience.) It is unfortunate because at least a dozen fans promised to buy me a pint.

Briefly, I was scheduled for three appearances that weekend (one of which was cancelled, but you know, I understand those things happen.) Though I did not ask for a deposit (as a precautionary measure in case things of this nature happen, the promoter will not worry about having their money taken) nor were flight purchases made prior, I apologize if financial costs were incurred over advertising my appearance. In the future I promise to cover the difference necessary in putting a giant red X on my face.

Financially, if you care about mine (you shouldn’t, I’m a dude on TV), I guarantee I stand to lose the most. The UK specific tshirts and new EC3™ foam fingers aren’t going to sell themselves.

Accountability is something that is sorely lacking in our industry, so allow me to have some.

I am 100% liable for having to cancel these appearances. Do not blame TNA Wrestling. Do not their blame network affiliation. Do not blame Southside or Preston City. A set of circumstances arose and I had to make a decision, so blame me.

I promised to make it up to the promoters any way I could. If being the subject of a “press release” is the best way I could, then that is fair.

More importantly though, I’d like to make it up to the respective UK fans that purchased a ticket with a promise of my appearance. When the opportunity does arise, I will jump at that chance. Till then, feel free to contact me here via messenger or email and I will do what I can to make it right.

Again, my sincerest apologies. Cheers.