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EC3 on His TNA Contract Expiring, AJ Styles in WWE, Trump vs Hillary, More

TNA star Ethan Carter (EC3) recently joined Ryan Rider on Main Event Radio. You can check out the highlights here:

On PopTV:

“It’s poppier. There’s more color – it pops off the screen. It’s been great and it reflects in the product. Everyone is banding together. The difference is the approach in the locker room. Many are groping for opportunities after spots have opened up from people leaving. People have been chasing to get their name out there, get noticed, and deliver. I think a lot of guys have stepped up that and done that. I don’t want to say it’s a rebranding, because the company has been through enough re-branding and re-starts, but it’s a damn good product that’s been solid and only going to keep going as long as we keep putting that effort.

“What direction does he see it going in: We have an innovative product and I think we’re on the right track with consistently good television that isn’t insulting to your intelligence. Continuity, stories, character progressions. People doing things within reason. Wins matter, losses matter. Titles matter. I think we have to keep building upon what we’re doing now but not wrestling in the laurels because we’re getting a bit of good word of mouth. We need to keep progressing.”

On his accomplishments in TNA:

“I was kind of the catalyst for the direction they were trying to go in by building homegrown talent, building new stars. I was very fortunate in that opportunity and hopefully delivered for them. I just want to be the best…I don’t worry about accolades as much as I worry about just doing better. I’m not surprised by it; I’m just surprised that the opportunity came about from where I came from and what I’ve been through. I knew I could do it and someone had faith in me and I thank them for having that faith. I was in the game for a while without any real results and I stuck it out and it’s rewarded me greatly.”

On when his contract expires:

“January of next year [2017], I believe.”

On AJ Styles in WWE:

“He’s a world class talent, he’s awesome. I’m always happy for other people’s success. He’s out there accomplishing another aspect of his career. He was TNA’s MVP for a long time.”

On his preference between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump:

“No comment. If I tell you, even if I said one name I would probably get a bunch of hate tweets from one side. Politics are really weird because everyone has a firm stance on it and nobody could seem to actually openly discuss it. If I was to say that Trump were actually going to become President because he seems to have some sort of a crazy scheme that seems to work everywhere he turns, I will get bashed for it. Or if I say Hillary is going to be the next president, then I will get bashed for that. I don’t want to get bashed. I just want to live in the middle. See – now you’re making me talk about it.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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