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EC3’s main roster call possibly scrapped due to injury

EC3 has been impressive in his time on NXT, being part of some solid matches. But he really hasn’t made an impact on the show. But apparently, the reason for this might be because EC3 had a chance to be called up for the main roster. So he wasn’t factored into any other plans.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson speculated that the reason for EC3 not getting a main roster call-up was due to the concussion he suffered.

Mike noted how EC3 was on the precipice of an eventual call-up. He would go on to say that had EC3 not gotten the concussion on SummerSlam weekend, he probably would have been brought up right around SummerSlam time.

Now, they would have to wait until they can figure out a spot for him, is what the impression he got. He would mention how it all depended on Vince McMahon and Triple H being able to let them get called up or not. That they can’t rush this.

We do hope EC3 eventually gets called up to the main roster so that he can show his abilities to the WWE Universe on a larger scale. He would be a good fit as he has the mic and in-ring skills.

  • CC

    But he had not long started. How long had he been there by Summerslam? What 3 or 4 months? What would be the point of putting him into NXT for such a short time?
    They might as well have put him straight onto the main roster like they did with Styles and The Club.

  • Luke

    Doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Apollo Crews and No Way Jose didn’t achieve much on NXT but still got sent to the main roster to die.

  • I personally think they should let him stay in NXT for a couple years to maybe explore the EC3 character a little more and give him a run with the championship. I feel like he’s one of those cases where he’s around, but it’s not his time yet. Aleister Black was around for awhile before he had a title push, so this could result in the same for EC3. Who knows..

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I’m sceptical about ec3 being called up to be honest

  • Soulshroude

    I agree with CC. EC was only just debuting. Though I really need to call it: Injured… “another one bites the dust”. “Scrapped” is a rumor mill, term. Try not to use that type of term till all of us know exactly what’s going on.

  • CC

    I am not convinced he was anywhere near being called up, especially around Summerslam.
    The guy really has not achieved anything there yet, and had certainly not achieved anything up until Summerslam when he was injured.