ECW on SyFy Report – August 18th, 2009

ECW on SyFy Report – August 18th, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Richard Trionfo



We are live on tape from Kansas City, Missouri and your announcers are Matt Striker and Josh Mathews.

We have words on the screen before Hurricane’s entrance music plays.

We see footage from last week when Paul Burchill was inappropriately attacked by Hurricane Helms after Burchill’s match with Yoshi Tatsu.

Match Number One: Hurricane Helms versus Paul Burchill

Hurricane with an arm drag and screaming Hurripose. Hurricane with an arm drag into an arm bar. Burchill backs Hurricane into the corner and Burchill with punches and shoulders. Burchill with an Irish whip but Hurricane with punches. Hurricane sets for the choke slam but Burchill escapes. Hurricane with a Thesz Press and punches. Hurricane with a reverse chin lock. Hurricane with another Hurripose and Burchill has had enough. Burchill charges at Hurricane but Hurricane moves and Burchill goes to the floor. Hurricane with a cross body from the turnbuckles and we go to commercial.

We are back and Burchill is now in control as the match has moved to the ring. Burchill with a reverse chin lock and we see footage of Burchill working over Hurricane from the commercial break. We are back to the live on tape action and a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Burchill with an elbow to the top of the head and then he has Hurricane in a rear chin lock. Burchill with an Irish whip and then he hits the running knees to the chest and Hurricane is sent into the turnbuckles. Burchill gets a two count. Burchill with cross faces and a modified cravate. Burchill punches Hurricane on the turnbuckles while the referee wants them to come off the turnbuckles. Hurricane blocks a superplex and he head butts Burchill off. Hurricane goes up top and he hits a cross body. Hurricane with punches and Burchill charges into an elbow. Hurricane with an Irish whip and a clothesline for a near fall. Hurricane with a neck breaker for a near fall. Burchill with a pele kick and a near fall. Burchill goes to the turnbuckles and Hurricane punches him. Hurricane with a Hurricanrana for a two count. Hurricane misses the Shining Wizard but he does not miss Eye of the Hurricane for the three count.
Winner: Hurricane Helms

We go to Courtney Taylor who is the mic holding person and her subject is Tommy Dreamer. She asks Tommy about teaming up with Christian. Tommy says that he is still friends with Christian and they did what they did because of their love of the ECW Title. William Regal stops by and he asks Dreamer about his injuries. From out of nowhere, The Russian Polar Bear, Vladimir Kozlov attacks Dreamer and then he holds Dreamer for the running knee. Kozlov tells Dreamer something in Russian and we go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that Jared is not happy about this one because it talks about

Christian and the medical staff check on Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer sits up and he wants to go back down to the ground. Will he be able to wrestle or will we have an Epsenhart Special tonight?

It is time for moment you have been waiting all week for . . . the Abraham Washington Show. The crowd shows their indifference for Abraham until he starts to speak and they show their love for anything else. Washington blames the fans for not cheering for him despite the applause sign. He reminds us that we are less than a week until Summerslam. Washington brings out his guest and it is Goldust? He says that Goldust is one of the strangest individuals he has ever seen. Goldust says that he is a bit different. Washington asks Goldust about his issues with Sheamus. Goldust starts to have a few tics and Washington asks him about that. Washington thinks he is being Punked. Goldust reminds Washington that he was electrocuted a few years ago and he mentions that he is on medication.

Washington has another guest and it is the man that Goldust is feuding with . . . Sheamus. Sheamus doesn’t want to sit down. He tells Goldust that he got lucky last week and lightning doesn’t strike twice. He calls Goldust a ‘gold freak’. Goldust stands inches away from Sheamus and he stares at him and then starts to have a few tics.

Courtney is in the back and she asks Tiffany about Tommy’s condition. Tiffany says that it appears that Tommy has a concussion so he cannot wrestle. Christian has the ability to find a tag team partner so the match can still take place. Tiffany thanks someone and then leaves as we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Zack Ryder versus Yoshi Tatsu

They lock up and Yoshi with a side head lock and leap frog. Yoshi with an arm drag into an arm bar. Yoshi charges into a boot and Zack goes up top but Yoshi with a punch and a superplex set up but Yoshi gets his arm dropped on the rope. Ryder with a hammer lock slam for a near fall. Ryder continues to work on the arm and uses the ropes for extra impact. Ryder with a Divorce Court and an arm bar. Yoshi with an arm bar of his own. Yoshi with a kick and then he hits a running knee into the corner. Yoshi with a back kick and the rolling snap mare into a kick for a near fall. Ryder with a kick and he tries for the Zack Attack but Yoshi with a back leg sweep and a rolling senton followed by a slingshot elbow drop from the apron but Ryder blocks it and gets the three count.
Winner: Zack Ryder

After the match Ryder hits his catchphrases on the mic.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are reminded of next week’s guest host and last night’s ‘broadcast’.

Christian says that he will take on both of them, but Tiffany will not let it happen. He asks for more time. There is a knock on the door and the door opens and he says that he has a partner.

Match Number Three: William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov versus Christian and Ezekiel Jackson

We start off with Regal and Christian and they lock up. Christian with a clean break but they lock up again. Regal works on the arm and wrist but Christian with a hammer lock. Regal returns to the arm. Christian with an arm wringer and a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Kozlov is tagged in and he misses a clothesline. Christian with punches but Kozlov with a knee and back breaker. Kozlov charges at Christian but Christian ducks down and Kozlov goes to the floor. Christian with a drop kick that knocks Kozlov off the apron. Kozlov attacks Christian from behind and then Regal does the same thing. Regal tags in and he sends Christian into the apron. Regal with a near fall and then he tags Kozlov back in. Kozlov with shoulders in the corner and then he applies a front face lock. Kozlov turns it into a reverse chin lock. Regal tags back in and he connects with forearms. Christian with a back slide for a near fall and a punch but Regal with an Irish whip. Christian with kicks to Regal and a sunset flip from the turnbuckles. Kozlov kicks Christian on the cover. Jackson comes into the ring but Kozlov goes to the floor. Jackson with the uranage to Christian and he lets Regal make the cover and get the three count.
Winners: William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov

After the match, Kozlov with the spinebuster slam. Jackson with another uranage to Christian.

We go to credits.

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