ECW on SyFy Report – Nov. 17th, 2009

ECW on SyFy Report – November 17th, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We are live on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Josh ‘Tony Lukes’ Mathews and Byron ‘Jim’s Steaks’ Saxton.

CM Punk is in the interview area and he says that ECW is where it all began for him. He points out that he was ECW champion before becoming a three time Straight Edge champion. That was the greatest moment in ECW history. Punk says that his return will be like Alexander the Great to return to the land he conquered with an uproarious ovation. He will get the longest standing ovation in ECW history.

Zack Ryder comes out with Rosa Mendes. Zack introduces himself and he says that everyone knows that because of his Tweets but he is not here to talk about himself. Zack wants to introduce everyone to ECW’s newest Diva, Rosa Mendes. Zack tells Rosa that ever since they started hanging out, his life has changed because Rosa is so smart, cool, funny, smart, and beautiful. Zack says that he was so lucky to have her in his corner last week. Rosa thought that Zack was going to win last week. Rosa then talks about a shopping excursion. Zack says that he loved the story, but he wanted to invite Rosa into his corner for his rematch against Shelton. Rosa starts to talk again until Shelton Benjamin’s music starts to play.

Shelton comes to the ring and he tells Zack that he accepts his challenge. Shelton says that since Rosa was in Zack’s corner last week, Zack can sit in the corner so he can ‘wrestle’ Rosa this week. Shelton points out that Zack has been a tool in their prior matches, he should change his name to Black and Decker because he is a power tool. Shelton wants the match to take place right now.

Zack does not want the match right now and he tells Shelton not to disrespect his girl. Zack punches Shelton and leaves the ring with Rosa.

Josh and Byron talk about the match between Paul Burchill and Hurricane with Burchill’s ECW career on the line against Hurricane’s mask. We have a video package.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Paul Burchill with Katie Lea versus Hurricane in a Career versus Mask Match

Burchill tells Hurricane that the mask is coming off before they lock up. Hurricane works on the arm and takes Burchill to the mat and gets a near fall. Hurricane blocks a kick and punches Burchill and has Burchill in a side head lock. Hurricane backs Burchill into the corner and Burchill goes to the floor. They lock up and Burchill with a single leg take down and a near fall. Burchill with a shoulder in the corner followed by a punch. Hurricane with a head scissors that sends Burchill to the floor. Hurricane with a flip pescado onto Burchill and then they return to the ring and Hurricane gets a near fall. Hurricane with a near fall and a reverse chin lock. Katie trips Hurricane and that distraction allows Burchill to hit a Saito suplex and we go to commercial.

We are back and Burchill with a reverse chin lock. We see the impact on Hurricane’s neck from the suplex prior to commercial. We are back to live on tape action and Hurricane with punches. Burchill with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Burchill returns to the chin lock but Hurricane with more punches. Hurricane flips out of a belly-to-back suplex but Burchill with a clothesline for a near fall. Burchill with a knee to the chest followed by a punch and kick. Burchill with punches in the corner followed by an Irish whip but Hurricane moves when Burchill charges into the corner. Hurricane powers up and he punches Burchill but Burchill responds. We go boo/yay with the punches and Burchill with a kick but Hurricane with a Thesz Press and punches. Burchill charges into an uppercut. Hurricane with an Irish whip and clothesline for a near fall. Hurricane tries for the Eye of the Hurricane but Burchill escapes and hits a pele kick but can only get a two count. Burchill gets Hurricane up for a powerslam but Hurricane counters. Burchill with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Burchill runs into a boot from Hurricane and Hurricane with a rana for a near fall. Hurricane signals for the Shining Wizard but Katie distracts Hurricane. Burchill sends Hurricane into the turnbuckle and hits the jackhammer but can only get a two count. Burchill tries for another but Hurricane gets out of the hold and hits the Eye of the Hurricane but Hurricane can only get a two count. Hurricane goes to the turnbuckles and Burchill crotches him. Burchill goes up top but Hurricane blocks a superplex attempt. Hurricane with a super swinging neck breaker for the three count.
Winner: Hurricane

After the match, Burchill cannot believe that he lost and he looks to his sister for an explanation. Paul tells Katie that he is sorry.

Tiffany is in her office watching the show and she welcomes CM Punk back on ECW. Punk asks Tiffany if she knows what straight edge is and he talks about Tiffany’s enjoyment of a few adult beverages. Tiffany says that she likes to party with friends. She tells Punk to have some fun and try to be a human being. She welcomes Punk back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that men prefer ECW over old interview people.

Match Number Two: Vance Archer versus Johnny Andrews

Archer with a punch and slap followed by a hard Irish whip. Archer sends Andrews chest first into the ring post. Archer with punches to Andrews and then he gives Andrews a uranage face plant followed by an inverted DDT for the three count.
Winner: Vance Archer

Byron and Josh talk about Survivor Series and the unpredictability you expect with the show. We run through the card for the pay per view.

Christian is in the back with his title belt and CM Punk stops by to say hello. He reminds Christian that he was an ECW Champion. Christian says that he is interested in the straight edge thing. Christian asks Punk if he is allowed to hold hands with a girl. He asks Punk if he gets grounded if he misses his curfew. Christian tells Punk that his Peeps will agree with him. They don’t call people like Punk ‘Straight Edge’ in Philadelphia, he is called a nerd. Punk says that he isn’t a nerd. Punk asks to be shown some respect as a former champion and the first three time former World Champion. Christian points out that Punk was a world champion, but he is still the champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Madison Square Garden video package that aired last night with some footage added from last night’s Raw.

Match Number Three: CM Punk and William Regal versus R Truth and Christian

Punk and Christian start things off and Punk wants to tell Christian something and he pushes Christian but Christian punches Punk. Christian pulls Regal in and he sends Regal into Punk. Truth and Christian with missile drop kicks to Regal and Punk as we go to commercial.

We are back and Truth with a shoulder tackle but Regal stays on his feet. Truth with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Punk is tagged in and Truth with a kick that sends Punk to the floor. Regal checks on Punk and Christian with a drop kick to Regal. Truth with a pescado onto Punk. Regal pulls Truth off the apron while the referee was otherwise disposed. Punk kicks Truth in the knee as he blocks Truth’s path to his corner. Regal tags in and Regal kicks Truth in the leg and continues to work on it. Regal with a knee drop to the leg. Punk is tagged back in and Punk with a step over toe hold. Truth fights through the pain and Regal tags back in and he kicks Truth in the leg. Regal with a punch before dropping an elbow on the knee. Regal drops a knee onto Truth’s leg before wrenching it. Punk tags back in and he kicks Truth in the leg. Punk with a slam but Punk misses a leg drop. Punk with a drop kick to the injured knee to stop Truth from making the tag. Regal tags back in and he kicks Truth in the back of the leg. Truth with an enzuigiri and then he makes the tag and so does Punk. Christian with punches and a running forearm before sending Punk into the turnbuckles. Christian with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Christian knocks Regal off the apron and then Christian with a corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles. Punk counters the Killswitch and tries for the Go To Sleep but Christian counters. Punk with a the running knee into the corner but Christian counters the bulldog with an inverted DDT. All four men are in the ring and Truth with a drop kick but he favors his knee. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Regal with a running knee to the head while the referee was not looking. CM Punk hits the Go to Sleep for the three count.
Winners: CM Punk and William Regal

We go to credits.

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