ECW Star Attacked Vince McMahon To His Face

ECW legend Sabu recently revealed that he once offended WWE Chairman Vince McMahon by saying that he is “the sh**s” at taking bumps in WWE. Vince McMahon ‘Censors’ Becky Lynch Segment



Vince famously had suffered a tailbone injury after falling off a steel cage and through a commentary table at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1999. It was seven years later that Sabu put John Cena through a commentary table with a top-rope leg drop on the June 19, 2006 episode of RAW.

Sabu opens up on the incident

Speaking to Title Match Wrestling, Sabu described how Vince wanted him to rehearse the high-risk move before the show. During the conversation, the two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion took a huge shot at the WWE Chairman’s wrestling ability.

“We walk out to the ring and he goes, ‘I did a bump on this table and I busted my a**'” said Sabu. “I went, ‘Well, that’s you.’ But I shouldn’t have said that. I go, ‘That’s you, of course you busted your a**. You’re the sh**s.’ But I shouldn’t have said that. ‘Yeah, that’s you but I’m not gonna do that.’ Even if it’s possible, I’m not gonna listen to him. Yes, he did [take offense to the comment], yes, he did.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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