ECW Star Tyler Reks Escorted Off a Plane This Week

Partial source: PWInsider



– WWE Superstar Tyler Reks was reportedly escorted off a plane on Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin. WWE sound engineer Marc Lanciaux posted messages on his Twitter and on his website’s blog regarding the situation but there seems to be more to it.

Lanciaux wrote this on his blog about an unnamed WWE star: “One of ‘our guys,’ one of the new wrestlers that recently started traveling with the show walked out. Though I recognized him, he’s so new that I’m not sure what his name is. After today there’s probably no good reason to try and find out either. I will just call this unknown wrestler ‘Einstein.’ Turns out that Einstein was sitting near the wing, and out the window, witnessed a terrifying (to him) event. To his horror, one of the flaps that make the plane fly or land or whatever it is that those moving parts on the wing do… moved! GASP! After witnessing this, Einstein freaked out, telling the flight attendant that he was a pilot himself and he knew that wasn’t supposed to happen. He was sure the plane was unsafe. He started getting louder and louder, and more and more obnoxious. The decision was made. Time for Mr. Einstein to go bye-bye. Our flight turned around and my double date with both Ginger and Mary-Ann was ruined. On his way out the door, Einstein mumbled that if anyone else on the plane didn’t want to die, they should get off the plane too. I’m sure that the waiting TSA knuckle-draggers had a field day with this guy.”

He later wrote this on his Twitter: “Thank you Tyler Reks for not only delaying our flight, but also for providing me with blog material. Nice knowing ya.”

The Twitter post by Lanciaux has since been removed. There were rumblings among some wrestlers yesterday that Reks was taken off the flight due to his condition and because the flight crew didn’t want things to get worse.

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