Eddie Edwards explains why he re-signed with Impact Wrestling

Eddie Edwards has been one of the highlights of Impact Wrestling for the past few years. The Eighth Triple Crown Champion of the company, he’s been a part of some incredible feuds both in singles and tag team competition.



Earlier this week, it was revealed that the former World Champion had re-signed with Impact. In a recent interview with WrestlingInc. he revealed why it wasn’t a tough decision.

It wasn’t a tough decision for me. This has been my home for the past five years. Between Anthem, our office, the wrestlers, the ring crew, production, everything – I feel comfortable and confident in this team. I want to be one of the guys at the forefront of Impact Wrestling, trying to bring us forward to the next level.

Edwards went through a lot this year, including an accident where Sami Callihan struck him in the face with a baseball bat, breaking his nose and other bones in his face. Impact would use this to both turn Callihan into a top heel and allow Edwards to morph into a hardcore competitor down the line.

As stupid as it sounds, getting hit with a baseball bat somehow worked into a positive. I enjoy the direction that i’m going, I enjoy the confidence that the company has put in me, and I enjoy trying to push the limit in the ring and outside of the ring. I’m grateful that the front office and everybody here has that faith in me.

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