Eddie Edwards injured at recent Impact TV tapings

Former Impact world champion Eddie Edwards had a rough night on January 13, when he suffered a horrible injury. Edwards fought Sami Callihan in singles competition and pinned the oVe leader Sami Callihan. Afterwards, Callihan beat him down and placed a chair on his head.



This is where the night got rough for Edwards. In a brutal spot, Callihan hit the chair around Edwards’ head with a bat. However, Callihan lost control of the bat, and it ricocheted off the chair, striking Edwards on the top of his head.

Blood gushed out, and the former champ rushed to the locker room. He was then immediately sent to the hospital. It’s unknown how bad the injury was, aside from the amount of blood.

This comes at a rough time for Impact. Edwards’ name is on a list of talent supposedly leaving the company soon, and even though this wasn’t Impact’s fault, I doubt it did a lot to help keep him around.

Edwards sent a tweet out after the incident, showing him watching the New England Patriots take on the Tennessee Titans.


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