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Eddie Edwards Talks Being TNA Champ During Company’s Troubling Times, Beating Bobby Lashley

TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards was recently interviewed by Wrestledelphia to promote TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion episode. You can check out the highlights here:

On his thoughts of beating Bobby Lashley for the TNA world title:

“Oh man, so many emotions, so many thoughts. It was a surreal moment. When I pinned him and Brian Hebner handed me that title, there was never a more real moment than when I looked at him like, ‘This is mine?’ It was a legit surreal moment. Even for the following weeks and months, it’s still something…you know, I dreamed about this my whole life. To actually achieve that goal, and become TNA World Heavyweight Champion, it’s an unbelievable opportunity and an amazing moment for myself. Hopefully the fans enjoyed it as well.”

On being TNA champ during the company’s troubling times:

“It’s fine with me. All I got to do, all I want to do, all I need to do is go to the ring and do what I do. I don’t concern myself with rumors. You can’t concern yourself with rumors because there’s too many of them. You never know what is true and what is false. All we can worry about is the in-ring product, the promos, that’s all us. As for the backstage stuff, I don’t work in the office so I don’t have to concern myself with that. Everybody in the locker room has that same mentality. We want to put the best product forth that we can because we believe in what we’re doing, we believe in our chemistry and the family atmosphere that we have. Much like myself, we’re the underdogs and we prove that anything can happen at anytime. We’re out to prove to the world that we are the best wrestling company there is.”